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Digital Marketing Tools That We Love

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Nowadays, most marketers and small business owners use various software solutions to manage marketing processes and streamline workflows. While all these solutions can help them achieve different goals, choosing a comprehensive yet suitable system for each business is now more important than ever. That’s because, when it comes to marketing software, not all solutions are created equal.

How ADA Compliance Is Changing The Online World

a city skyline with the words how ada compliancee is changing the online world

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against disabled individuals in public. This law applies to employment, private and public spaces, local and state government, transportation, building codes, and telecommunication. In 2010, the Department of Justice amended the language in Title III to apply to website accessibility as well.

Thoughts to Ponder for Your Next Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Inbound marketing has flipped the advertising world upside-down. The traditional ways of tracking down a customer and convincing them to buy are tactics of the past. With the growing trend of  content marketing,  search engine optimization, branding, and  social media marketing it is imperative for businesses to understand how to develop their inbound marketing campaign.

How To Resonate With Millennial Guests

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Millennials have the most influential shopping power of any generation before them. Spending over $200 billion a year, this generation also has bragging rights of being the largest populated generation. When concerning their purchasing, Millennials prioritize educating themselves and making informed decisions. This involves research, reviews, and recommendations.

Are You Tuning in or Out: Social Media

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We live in the age of digital distractions . Humans have a tendency of spreading ourselves thin, regularly thinking quantity over quality. With social media constantly beckoning at us, we can easily lose focus on our goal of engaging customers, throwing out tidbits of communication, rather than engaging in meaningful interaction. It’s very easy to speedily skim through your social media accounts, responding only to those hot topics which seem to catch your eye. Putting out fires seems so much more pressing than showing gratitude for a compliment.

Help With Yelp

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Let’s talk Yelp. Yelp! was created to assist consumers in finding businesses with the best local services in their surrounding areas. By the end of the third quarter of 2017, the app had an average of 30 million visitors each month and over 142 million total submitted reviews. With that much activity taking place on their website, it is crucial for businesses to utilize this instrument in their marketing plans.

Developing Your Buyer Persona

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Developing your buyer persona could possibly be one of the most important (and often overlooked) tasks when developing your inbound marketing plan. For any marketing campaign to be successful, you must first understand your target audience. A  buyer persona is a generalized, fictional representation of your ideal patron. Your persona is not just a result of an active imagination. It is the development of market research and consideration of the following data:  demographics , behavior patterns, goals, and motivations of your future customers.

Building Your Brand in the Vacation Rental and Hotel Industry

a hand is holding the door handle to a hotel room

With internet use ever growing, the vacation rental and hotel industry has become part of a growing trend in use of inbound marketing. Building your brand is one of the most important marketing tools you can utilize to stand out amongst your competitors. Your brand must speak to your guests and the people in their lives who influence their decisions.

What Is User Generated Content?

two people using their cell phones with the text what is user generated content?

What is  User Generated Content ? More importantly, how can it work for you and your vacation rental business? User Generated Content is content created by your consumers. It can be a video on Youtube , a post on Facebook, or a picture on Instagram . It’s all constructed by your patrons and it’s free marketing.