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Building Your Brand in the Vacation Rental and Hotel Industry
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With internet use ever growing, the vacation rental and hotel industry has become part of a growing trend in use of inbound marketing. Building your brand is one of the most important marketing tools you can utilize to stand out amongst your competitors. Your brand must speak to your guests and the people in their lives who influence their decisions.  

The people which you will depend on to share your brand are your guests and potential guests of the future. To stand out, you must direct your marketing focus to the needs and wants of Millennials, but be careful not to forget other generations like Gen X. Millennials are a true focus because they have more spending power than any other generation before them and you must utilize this knowledge to your advantage.

First and foremost, you must remember, Millennials refuse to be grouped under any single label. They refuse to lead the compartmentalized lives of past generations. Traditional approaches to marketing will no longer reach this new target audience. Millennials crave fluid movement, instant gratification, and uniqueness without being labeled as “different”. It’s not about the dollar sign with this generation, it’s about the experience. Your job is to draw them in with surprises and delights, personalized and catered to their wants and needs. This includes your brand, activity, customer service, and even your staff.

Your activities should be trendy. You should share social activities and experiences reflecting the current trends in hobbies, outdoor sports, relaxation techniques, and so on. By sharing pictures, posts, and hashtags on your social media sites of this kind of activity, you’re encouraging the desire for someone to be at your vacation rental and not somewhere else.

Customer service is always imperative. Showing your customers that you care is the single-most important aspect of your staff’s job, including yours. Single your patrons out one by one. Ask how they’re enjoying their stay and if there is anything they need. If something needs a repair, get it done. If they suggest an improvement, consider it and follow up with them. Remember, anyone can provide them with a vacation rental. They chose to give their money to you because of the experience. Repay them with the time of their lives and they’ll return over and over.

Your employees will generate quite a bit of revenue by sharing their workplace experiences. You can use this activity to your advantage! Create a culture which people embrace. By making positive impressions, your customers and employees will speak highly of you, share their experiences on social media, and return for more. In doing so, your bookings and your revenue will increase, which is the goal of all marketing activity.

By tying all these things together, and establishing a great visual image along with the rest of your marketing plan, you’ll be establishing yourself as a brand to experience. Remember, anybody can have A BRAND in this business, your goal is to be THE BRAND in your customers’ lives.

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