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How To Resonate With Millennial Guests
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Millennials have the most influential shopping power of any generation before them. Spending over $200 billion a year, this generation also has bragging rights of being the largest populated generation. When concerning their purchasing, Millennials prioritize educating themselves and making informed decisions. This involves research, reviews, and recommendations. They value the voice of individuals, rather than entrusting corporations or labels. This generation relies on trusted endorsements from family and friends, rather than exposure to high-dollar marketing campaigns. So, how do you reach them? How do you market to a generation that doesn’t want to be subjected to advertising? You engage!

Millennials multitask. They don’t turn on the television and tune out. They’re plugged in and synced on just about every electronic device they own. They divide their attention across multiple platforms from Netflix to Facebook. They are constantly sharing reviews and recommendations from what show to binge watch to where they’re going on vacation. To reach this generation of proactive shoppers, you must interact with them. They don’t want to be passive customers. They want to partner up with your brand, becoming part of the brand experience. They want to witness brand loyalty from your other patrons. They yearn for engagement and relationships with the companies to which they give their hard-earned dollars.

So, let’s discuss some techniques which will help you resonate with your Millennial guests:

1. Humanize your brand.

Share experiences on social media platforms. Don’t be that faceless company. Show them your brand’s personality. Aim for clever, slightly sassy, and ambitious. Speak up on big issues. Show your stance, however, don’t be insensitive or disrespectful. Millennials are much more likely to take interest in your brand if you exhibit dedication and enthusiasm in trending news topics, even if they don’t necessarily agree with you. Remember, they crave interaction.

2. Nudge them, just don’t bombard them.

Traditional and repetitive marketing methods will not work with these young adults. Interruptive and intrusive advertising will drive them away to the point they will actively avoid and campaign against you. So, be present, just not overly-persistent.

3. Bring value to the table.

Don’t market to the people, market for the people. Millennials seek purpose. They’re more likely to purchase from you if show them your brand is involved in making their world a better place. Whether it’s your company going green, by making charitable donations, or volunteering with a local organization, they love to see proactive enterprises. 75% of this generation state it’s important to see a company give back to society.  However, don’t make empty promises or outlandish claims. Millennials are also skeptical. They know if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not. They will research. They will seek out reviews from their peers. By earning their trust, you’ll more than likely not only be the recipient of their purchasing power, but receive their endorsement as well.

Millennials matured during an age of huge technological growth. This advancement has developed different mindsets and behavior patterns than previous generations. They are conditioned to instant gratification, extensive online research, and the power of peer reviews. Their affection for technology has shaped the way they shop. Gone are the days of traditional marketing.

The consumer now seeks out the merchant. The key is to draw them to you. Share common goals and interests. Engage and interact with them. Empower your customers. Remember it takes time and trust to provide a foundation to any relationship. That’s the key to selling to Millennials.

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