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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing? SMS Marketing has an open rate of 96%! You may have heard it as marketing through text messaging. This takes a special platform as you do not want to be sending promotional texts to potential or past customers from your personal cell phone, do you? Yes, some business owners have done this, and they wish they didn’t. Our strategies are SMS Compliant.

Best of all – It’s already included in our All-In-One Marketing Platform!

Is SMS Texting?

The short answer is Yes. SMS is broadcasted in a form of a text.

Who Should Use It?

Everyone could use it as part of their marketing or customer service.
Text Marketing

Businesses love SMS

Businesses use SMS in various ways, from offering discounts to potential customers to scheduling appointments and sending out reminders. Ask us how SMS Marketing can help your business. 

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