TripAdvisor Issues Warning Badges

You may have recently heard about TripAdvisor getting into a bit of hot water when they removed claims of sexual assault on it’s travel forums. Don’t get the forums confused with reviews as this is not seen directly in a feed or once you click on particular property. After quite a bit of backlash from … Read More >>

What is Contextual Marketing?

I am often asked about many various types of marketing and one of them happens to be Contextual Marketing. So of course my thoughts were, “Why not write a blog about it?” Contextual Marketing in simple terms is a marketing strategy that takes into account the user’s needs, habits and goals to create a personalized … Read More >>

6 Steps to Building a Construction Marketing Plan

Use these six steps to create a simple, efficient and effective construction marketing plan that will help your construction business grow.   Developing a construction marketing plan and strategy that speaks to your key target personas is critical to the success of your construction firm, whether you are a general contractor or a subcontractor. Marketing … Read More >>

3 Reasons to Choose the WordPress CMS

Choosing what platform, or CMS (Content Management System) to build your website on is one of the first steps when thinking about designing (or redesigning) your website. WordPress is one of many, many options out there, and it can get confusing trying to pick one. To begin the decision process, nail down the requirements for … Read More >>