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Social Media


Meta’s Metamorphosis: Exploring the Latest Changes

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the company has evolved beyond social networking, and the company has been making waves with its ambitious plans to shape the future of the internet. In this blog post, we will explore the latest changes and developments at […]
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Our Favorite Social Media Channels, Ranked

By Merriam-Webster definition, social media channels are “forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos)” That being said, how many social media sites do you think there are? 5? 10? 20? I’ll give you a minute to think on it. Because the answer may surprise you. 
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Top 5 Social Media Best Practices for 2020

If there is one thing any marketer knows, it’s that change is inevitable. The best practices change by the day, and what works one minute may be frowned upon the next. Keeping up with trends, and what you should concentrate on when developing your social media strategy is of utmost importance
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