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5 Ways to Bring Your Company into the 21st Century

the words 5 ways to bring your company into the 21st century

5 Ways to Bring Your Company into the 21st Century
If you’re stuck in the days long past of blinking banners and neon font colors, this post is for you. The internet is a vast place, and it only takes 5 seconds for someone to decide your site isn’t worth looking at before moving on. Ensure your site meets the standards of the 21st century and capture attention with these 5 tips.

Improving your Market Share with Online Marketing

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Do you need to improve your internet marketing in order to compete with those who are taking your market share because they have great online marketing? With the vastness of the internet it is important to have a great online presence if you want to effectively market your vacation rental property online. Improving your online marketing for your vacation getaway is a step in the right direction when trying to compete for market share. The key is to build an inbound marketing strategy.

Why Developing a Budget for Marketing Helps Your Vacation Rental Property

two pink piggy banks with the words why developing a budget for marketing helps you

Budgeting is an important aspect in any part of your business, especially when it comes to marketing your vacation rental property. If you don’t have a budget it will seem like less of a priority. Without a budget you tend to carelessly spend money without meeting a certain end goal. It is important to set a budget so that you know exactly where your money is going and to see how it performs. Keeping track of your money makes it easier to set goals and measure the return on your investment.

4 Reasons to Skip Third Parties & Use Inbound Marketing

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We’ve all been there: the need for corrective service through nothing more than a dreaded 800 number. We detest the thought of prolonged automated menus, reconnects and – heaven forbid – a dropped call. That’s what consumers have come to expect from services like third party booking sites.

There is a myth that you can save more money by using third parties but, as my dad always says, “you get what you pay for.” Just ask and its ⅕ stars from over 1,300 reviewers. Most prices and availabilities are inaccurate, details get easily muddled, and it’s borderline impossible for a problem to be corrected. Here are just a few reasons why vacationers are veering away from third party booking, and how Inbound Marketing can fill the niche:

Dos & Don’ts of Inbound Marketing For Your Vacation Rental Company

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sketch-of-thumb-up-and-thumb-down-hand-signs-vector-illustration_M14lLfO__L.jpg Today’s marketers no longer rely on traditional methods of outbound marketing to reach prospective customers. Many of those methods are being ignored. That is why vacation rental companies, such as yours, should flip your focus to inbound marketing and earn your potential customer’s attention rather than demand it. Inbound Marketing is all about adding value to your audience. Provide valuable information through case studies, guides, blogs or videos, and generate awareness.

4 Common Mistakes Vacation Rental Companies New to Inbound Marketing Make

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4_Common_Mistakes_Vacation_Rental_Companies_Using_Inbound_Marketing_Make.jpgIs your Vacation Rental Company new to using Inbound Marketing? Or are you thinking about incorporating inbound marketing tactics to your marketing plan this year? Either way, make sure you don’t fall victim to these 5 common mistakes inbound marketers can make. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but we’re here to make the transition to inbound marketing a success for you.