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Why Continuing Education Is Important To Us
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You always hear about the importance of continuing your education, no matter what field you’re in. The same thing is true for the marketing and public relations world, especially digital marketing.

Changes in Technology

Digital marketing as a whole is continually changing, everything from strategy to the newest platforms – and don’t forget software!

Take a look at recent history when it comes to new technology. It was not that long ago that we had no internet at all, and online advertising and marketing was not a thing. You had to market your business through physical ways, like billboards and newspapers.

New Websites

Then there was the rise of Google. Suddenly, optimizing your website became of enormous importance. Social media soon followed, and companies flocked to using Facebook and MySpace to get the word out about their businesses.

We are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest software as well as learning new tactics and what is going on with online platforms.

The digital marketing realm has shifted towards the use of  inbound marketing techniques. People no longer respond to in-your-face ads as much as they do to the content. This brought on the ability to drive potential customers to your virtual storefront by offering them information that is relevant to what they’re looking for. Becoming an expert in your industry was now more important than being able to craft a colorful ad in the newspaper.

These rapid changes in how to market your business are why it is imperative to stay educated and continue to learn the new techniques and procedures that make marketing work. Everything is constantly becoming more modernized – you can be an expert one minute, and everything changes the next.

Changes in Platforms

Another example of why we know continued education is important is how we tend to stalk platforms for new releases. We loved it when Instagram rolled out the ability to run ads. Once the rollout starts, then the learning begins. We watch many webinars and tutorials as well as read many articles by the platforms and leading experts.

Captevrix Loves to Learn!

At Captevrix, our team takes pride in knowing about the latest developing platforms and determining how they may be incorporated into our clients’ strategy. Our mission is to help our clients grow, and to do this we utilize the most advanced and successful strategies, as well as develop new ones based on new knowledge.

Not only do we participate in our own online education, but we also watch for seminars that will help keep our knowledge up to speed. These are hard to find and are rare for our industry, but when we find a beneficial one, we are sure to attend.

The Captevrix team loves to learn, but we also have a passion for teaching. We aren’t scared to experiment with strategy or challenge the “you can’t do that” or “it’s not possible” scenario. If we learn of a grand plan or a “trick,” we are sure to write about it and share with our online community.

One thing I have learned in the marketing industry over the years is that you have to have a desire to learn and change with the times. Today’s marketing is continually changing and evolving to enhance the end users experience and keep up with what consumers want. To keep the experience positive, one must continue their education and fine-tune their skills. This is what makes a great marketer. And this is why our team excels at what we do.

So, Why Is Continuing Education Important To Us?

Simple: it makes us better and keeps us on the cutting edge, which gives our clients the best results possible.

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