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10 Reasons Law Firms Should Adopt Inbound Marketing
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Inbound marketing is a powerful tool in today’s business world. It allows you to expand your reach and grow your audience, taking your law firm to new levels of success. Here are the top 10 law firm marketing ideas that will help you tap into the power of inbound marketing.

1. Establish an Online Brand. 

Using inbound marketing can help you establish your brand in the online world. Through inbound marketing techniques, you can grow your website and your online presence, bringing your offline brand into cyberspace.

2. Increase Search Rankings.

Inbound marketing will increase your rankings in search engine algorithms so it will make it easier for clients to find you organically. As you add content to the web, your SEO ranking rises. When your SEO rankings rise, then your firm is the first a potential client will see when they enter key search terms.

3. Become the Authority.

Through newsletters, white papers, blogs, and social media — all powerful inbound marketing tools — you can become an authority in your firm’s area of expertise. As potential clients look for information about their legal needs, they will find your content and then find you.

4. Reduce Cold Calling.

The old sales technique of knocking on doors or working the phone just doesn’t cut it in today’s world. Sales staff don’t like making cold calls and potential clients don’t like receiving them. However, inbound marketing, sometimes called passive marketing, sets your company up to be found by the right client at the right time. Positive interactions through your content turn into intentional action by a potential client to reach out.

5. Lower Marketing Costs.

The traditional marketing methods of print, radio, and television cost big bucks. Plus, they are losing their overall effect on audiences who have become savvy consumers. Inbound marketing costs much less and has a greater impact because inbound marketing strategies first seek to establish a relationship with potential clients.

6. No More Guess Work.

With traditional marketing, you have no way of knowing if your message got to the people you were targeting. All you know is how many people watch a specific program or read a publication. With digital marketing, you can actually measure the effect of specific messages to find out what works, and what doesn’t and then make adjustments to your marketing strategy.

7. Your Competition is Using It.

Even if you haven’t adopted inbound marketing yet, your competition probably has and they are getting the benefits from this incredible tool already. According to  The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018 from HubSpot, trends towards inbound marketing techniques are skyrocketing.

8. Grow Your Social Media.

You have that Facebook page and LinkedIn account for your law firm, now it’s time to use them. Inbound marketing capitalizes on the power of social media to reach audiences in new ways, with new content that will attract a loyal following to your business.

9. Build an Audience.

By using inbound marketing and social media, you will not only build your brand, you will also build a loyal audience. This audience helps you spread your message by sharing your content. This expands your message and your reach, opening doors to more potential clients.

10. It works.

If the other nine reasons to use inbound marketing weren’t convincing, then this one should be. Inbound marketing works better than traditional marketing. The State of Inbound Marketing report shows that inbound marketing results bring in more leads and more website conversions than outbound marketing.

So use these law firm marketing ideas and grow your business today.

** This blog has been edited since its original posting.

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