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How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing
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Instagram is probably one of the trickiest social media platforms for businesses to master. However, it also happens to be one of the fastest growing platforms for marketers. Here are a few tips to help you master the art of the Insta post, so you can start gaining followers and conversions in no time.

Focus on Who You Are, Not What You Sell

One of the major differences between Instagram and other social media sites is the focus on brand personality. This platform is notably more creative than other platforms, and many of the popular accounts are known for creating behind-the-scenes type content rather than finished advertisements. Users come to Instagram to learn about your company culture, your processes, goals and hopes for the future. They don’t want to see a feed full of your products on shelves or in carefully posed configurations. If you want to be successful here, you have to let down your guard a little bit and start mingling with the people on a more casual level.

In fact, with the Stories feature, you can now add live clips of your team, do meet and greets, or even Q&A sessions on the fly. Users love to jump in on these things and learn about your brand without getting the hard sell.

Create Great Captions

Unlike other social platforms, Instagram is primarily focused on visual content, so there is a lot less room for lengthy text entries. If you want to get a point across, you have to do it in the form of a carefully worded caption. Your captions are also where you will tag other users, or add your branded hashtag to make your post searchable by the public.

Choose an Artistic Style and Stick With It

While we mentioned above that Instagram is not the place for magazine style print ads, you do still have to care about the artistic presentation of what you are doing. Many companies have a theme that they follow throughout their posts, using professional images that feature local landmarks, a certain color palette or some other identifying matter. Choose a theme that goes well with your mission and find creative ways to tie all of your posts into that concept.

Work With Other Brands

Instagram is also unique because it offers you the ability to share audiences with other businesses that compliment your own. For instance, you can form an agreement with another brand to mention your product from time to time to their audience in exchange for mentioning their products on occasion through your feed. This passive cooperation benefits both sides and has proven highly successful because followers already trust the brand making the recommendation.

Time Your Posts Precisely

Learning how often and when to post is its own science. For the most part, the afternoons are the most active time for social media users. However, if you are running a big campaign, you can stage the release of images or video clips over several days or hours to announce a major release. This helps build anticipation, gets your tags trending, and entices new followers to check out what you’re all about.

All of these tips will help you make the most of your Instagram account after it is set up. Instagram is quickly taking the place of some of the older social media platforms as one of the most active communities online. Any company who wants to catch the new wave of consumers should be investing in a solid Instagram strategy that will pay off for years to come.

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