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5 Tips on Creating a Social Media Plan
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As I’m sure you’ve heard, social media is a great tool to use in every stage of your marketing efforts. It is useful to attract your buyer persona in each of the different stages they may be within the buyer’s journey. Whether they are visitors to your website, leads, or newly converted customers, social media can promote your message.

Without a plan then what are you doing? What’s your direction?

Creating a social media plan can help you tremendously in your social media strategy. If you have a plan then you will have a guide for the type of content to promote, to know what works and keep doing it. This will help with your quality because you know you are putting out the same quality of content if you use the guide. It will also give you consistency on your quantity because you will be able to use the guide to create more of the content your audience wants to read. Your message will be clear to your audience if you have it set out in your plan to use that same message throughout all your content.

Here are 5 tips on creating your own social media plan:

Establish the who:

However obvious this sounds it really is a crucial first step. Knowing who you are talking to will determine the kind of language you use and the kind of content you will promote to them.

Add value:

Creating content that adds value is important. It engages those who you want to reach. You should be educating your readers so that you build credibility with them. Adding value to your readers is a great way to continue to nurture your customer relationships. Also, you’re using social media to communicate your brand and values. Once you’ve built credibility, your readers will be more willing to read about your brand and values and being able to communicate this effectively is important, as people are researching and comparing brands more and more these days.

Find your readers:

What social media network does your reader use? Whatever it is, then you should use that one. As a rule of thumb for social media, it is important to be on the channels that your audience is on; therefore you don’t need to be everywhere, just everywhere your audience is in order to meet them where they are. Also the content you put on different platforms will differ. Make sure that you are posting relevant content based on the channels you have chosen to be on.

Determine when:

Determine the times your readers will most likely be on the social media network they frequent. You can post during these ‘high’ times to have more of an opportunity for engagement. If they are on the same time you post something they will be more likely to see it and read it.

Have goals:

Having goals for your social media plan will help guide you towards success and add to your overall social media strategy. SMART goals have been proven to be most helpful. These goals are written to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time sensitive.

Are you confident that your social media efforts are performing? If not we can help. Let’s work together to kickstart your social media strategy and get real results. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your social media strategy with our marketing experts today!

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