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Love It or Hate It, You Still Need Social Media
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Having a social media presence without a social media strategy is as counterproductive as playing a soccer game without a goalie. Trying to build your brand on social media without a strategy will be fruitless. Every business needs to leverage social media in the most effective way possible.

Why? It’s like the new-and-shiny toy that everyone has to have. You need social media, because your target audience can be found around the popular social networks that will boost your business and brand. This article will give you a reason to build a solid foundation within social media marketing.    

Use Inbound Marketing Techniques

If you ignore the significance of social media, you will be limiting your pool of potential customers or people already familiar and friendly with your brand. Inbound marketing is a sure-fire way to generate targeted traffic to your website. Think of it as the traffic with the highest potential of converting, because of its relevance.

If your business or brand has an active blog that connects your audience with all your fresh content, having a social media presence is important. Being able to share your content across your social media platforms is largely beneficial to your business or brand. Once your audiences share your fresh content, your window to have a bigger audience that will like, share, follow and ultimately become a consumer opens up organically. 

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Social media posts used correctly will drive targeted traffic to your website. When you’re actively creating new content, landing pages, or just showing off your fans’ dreamy vacation, well-placed social media posts can make all the difference. Using social media for business will boost your sites SEO.

Creating a killer content strategy is the most important part of earning the top placements on search engine rankings. So, it’s obvious that using social media will most definitely aid in driving traffic to your optimized pages, leading them to climb way faster on the search engine results page. By optimizing your social media pages and profiles, while keeping them fresh with relevant content, you’re creating a stronger web presence. Makes sense right? Having multiple channels to increase your website traffic means more exposure and more people to drive to your business.

Customer Service Is Necessary

If it’s done correctly, authentically, and genuinely your social media will lead to real relationship building. One of the things that makes social media a great tool for is interacting with your customer base – it is a daily insight factor. When you can visually see what your customer base is tweeting, updating and posting, you can potentially adjust your marketing strategy as a result. You need social media to do this.

With that said, customers nowadays already know that social media is the more approachable and amicable than calling a phone system that may not even be able to resolve your problem. Basically, customers want stellar service without hassle. Don’t you agree?

Customer Service with social media includes:

  1. Broadcasting important messages, announcements, and offers across your social media platforms.
  2. Monitoring keywords and conversations to see if your customers are talking about your business or brand and in what context.
  3. Prioritizing direct technical or account-related questions, complaints from dissatisfied users and issues that may raise a potential PR crisis.
  4. Responding to general references about your products or services.
  5. Thanking those who have provided feedback.
  6. Touching base with those who have made comments about your brand.


While customer service is necessary, the following mantra is pertinent: time is of the essence. This is entirely worth repeating, reusing and recycling. The speed of your responses is critical. Aside from being where your customers are, social media responses can be instantaneous if your pages and profiles are constantly monitored. Losing a customer is difficult, gaining a new one is challenging. Retaining an existing customer is a cakewalk. This is why customer service should be one of your topmost priorities and necessities.

All in all, you can love it or hate it, but your business and brands need social media. Find ways to build the tips above into your social media strategy. At this point, not using social media as an active marketing tool is just as damaging to your business as not having a strategy at all.     

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