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Content is King, Distribution is Queen: Inbound Marketing for Attorneys

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You may or may not have heard the term, Content is King, Distribution is Queen. One might think that content is more important than distribution due to the king and queen analogy. But neither is more important than the other. This term just simply means that the better your content is, the more people will visit your website. In order to receive more readers/viewers/customers you must promote something that they want or need.

For this blog post we are going to concentrate on the attorney profession. Here is my question: You have a big case, are your chances of winning just as good if you have a great argument but can’t deliver that argument to the jury or judge? When practicing inbound marketing for attorneys the same process must happen. Your argument is nothing without your delivery.

A lot of industries struggle for content which is a large part of inbound marketing for attorneys as well as other professions. Lawyers of all practices are a wealth of knowledge and most people “Google” their questions first before making a list of which law office they wish to choose from.

Ever heard of “Dr. Google?” The same thing applies to “Judge Google” and you want to be the right person to help them make the right call when they Google their situation.

Recently there has been a lot of online chatter about the guy that is suing two ESPN announcers. Shouldn’t you be blogging about this and using it to your advantage?

Now you might be wondering, what does inbound marketing for attorneys look like? Does it look like a CPAs inbound marketing, the answer is yes and no. Same methodology, but the content and style is what is different. Here are some core items you will be using:

These are just a few things that you find in your Army of Inbound marketing strategy. So what are you waiting for? Open that word document and start typing so you can be looked at as “Judge Google.”

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