Inbound Marketing

Provide amazing content. Find amazing customers.

There are over 3.5 billion Google searches daily.

Buyers now have control and turn to the internet to find answers to their problems.  Your goal now should be to provide those answers by producing amazing content.

Generate Leads with Inbound

Inbound Marketing is your solution to generating leads by providing them with useful information they are looking for at the right time.  But it's more than that - Inbound Marketing is the buyer's journey, from getting them to your website, providing them the information they are looking for, gaining them as a customer to keeping them happy as they do business with your company.

Simply put, inbound marketing:

  • Unifies all of the scattered marketing tactics
  • Tracks the efforts in campaigns across the board
  • Designed to reach your company's goals
  • Tightly focused around ROI (Return on Investment)

Learn about the common steps in growth marketing below:

1) Build a Game Plan: Setting Goals

The very first step in creating and executing growth marketing is planning. This is referred to as the GamePlan. Creating this plan before execution ensures goals are set and an effective plan is put in motion to reach those goals moving forward.

Once a GamePlan is created, we need to really dig and create fictional characters that are representative of a buyer of your product or services. These fictional people are referred to as Buyer Personas. We use these personas ensuring your GamePlan is targeting the right customers.

The goal of growth marketing is not to attract thousands of visitors but to attract the RIGHT visitors to your website and providing valuable quality content to build the trust in your company and brand. Typically, this process is defined in three stages.

  • Awareness Stage: Leads have become aware of your product through effective content generation and social media interactions.
  • Consideration Stage: Leads are aware that your product or service could fulfill their need and are trying to determine if you are the best fit for them.
  • Decision Stage: Leads are ready to make a purchase.

Each of these stages require unique types of content based around what questions your buyer personas are asking.

2) Build, Nurture, & Grow: Finding the perfect leads

Now your strategy is in place. We have clearly defined goals and targets. We are ready to start working on generating your content, ensuring that each stage of your buyers journey has their questions answered. We call this the pre-takeoff checklist.

We use a marketing automation tool called HubSpot. There are many out there, but after careful consideration, we decided HubSpot was best suited for our needs. With HubSpot, we build powerful and personalized lead generation machines for companies just like yours.

Lead Nurturing is all about education. We deliver personalized emails to the leads gathered in your database. As leads take action on your website, we continue to gather relevant information from them and further enhance the personalization. Amazon is a great example of this. They send you emails based on items you have viewed and even similar items based around your interests.

So, how do we get all the leads to your website to begin with? The primary tool to drive organic traffic to your website is your BLOG. This ensures we are driving traffic that is interested in your product or service. One qualified visit that converts to a customer is more valuable than 10,000 website visits that aren't targeted! We will partner with you to create blog posts as outlined in the GamePlan around your buyer Personas and then share them on social networks to generate the traffic you need.

3) Ensuring Long-Term Success: Analyzing Performance

After about 3 months of your GamePlan execution, it's time to check and see how you're doing . Let's start scanning all of the instruments, ensuring they are all looking good.

We have already created and established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the GamePlan and are monitoring these from day one to ensure we are staying on target. These KPIs provide the hard data that we use to adjust or keep the strategy we developed in play. They show what's working.

Inbound Marketing for Vacation Rentals Case Study cover

Inbound Marketing Case Study

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