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How To Build an Offer for Your Vacation Rental Inbound Marketing Campaign
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An offer’s goal is to make someone crave what you offer so much that they are willing to give you personal information or click on another CTA (Call To Action) in order to obtain your offer. How do you build an offer for your vacation rental inbound marketing campaign that will not only entice site visitors to part with the information you desire, but leave them salivating for more information from you?

1. Who Is This Offer Targeting?

People don’t usually arrive at your page by accident. They have displayed initial interest in your area or vacation rentals to arrive at your page. Identifying what draws a person to your vacation rentals allow you to know what to offer to further develop that interest. While a broad “Top Attractions List” offer on a homepage can attract some interest from many people, a top ten list on pages targeting a single demographic has potential to draw deep interest from targeted personas. A retiree is not likely to be attracted to all the same attributes that a young family will find irresistible, and vice versa. The trick is to pick a persona and develop your “sexy” offer for that persona.

2. Get Contagious

You love your vacation rentals, right? Let your passion show. Think about speaking directly with a particular persona. What attributes of your area and your vacation rentals do you get excited about that your persona would also be attracted to or not know about? Offers don’t directly market a specific property, but they should help strengthen the appeal of your properties. Are your rental properties close to all the action? A description of your favorite shops, fine dining establishments, or a combination of attractions in your immediate vicinity can be a great offer. Do your vacation rentals offer privacy and a zen quality at a slower pace? You can write about the benefits of slowing down and embracing quiet living, which your rental coincidentally provides. Enthusiasm is compelling. Share the love.

3. What’s Your Goal For This Offer?

Determine the goal of a particular offer and therefore what type of offer to create. Is the offer’s goal to excite new visitors about visiting your area? A whitepaper about the top attractions in your area can move your location to the top of someone’s bucket list. A coupon or extra service may appeal more to someone at the end of the funnel.

4. Keep It Simple

People tend to have short attention spans and are easily distracted. A comprehensive list of every attraction within your area probably has at least one attraction appealing to anyone who visits your page, but will they have the patience to find it? There’s a reason top ten lists are popular. Similarly, the less clicks to get to and the less distractions surrounding an offer, the more likely people are to complete the CTA to acquire your offer.

Consider your personas, goals for the offer, passion for your rentals, and keep it simple. You can build an offer that seduces and creates a need in your audience with little more investment than time.

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