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Email Marketing Campaigns

Unlocking the Power of Magnetic Email Campaigns: Strategies for Engaging Audiences

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, one thing remains constant: the effectiveness of email campaigns. However, not all emails are created equal. Some effortlessly capture recipients’ attention, while others sink into the abyss of unread messages. The secret lies in crafting magnetic email campaigns that not only stand out but also engage and resonate […]
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Evergreen Tips for Email Marketing

If you read a lot of my posts, you can tell that I love to tell you how to do things or talk about some hot topics. Recently we helped promote a local event called Sip and Savor Jax. We have had the chance to talk to a lot of restaurant owners as well as some general managers of local hotels. Why am I telling you this? Because they are what sparked this post. They all had a common question, “What are some of our best practices for email marketing?”
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