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How to Create a Successful Email Automation Campaign
a person typing on a laptop with the words how to create a successful email autonation campaign

Think about how many emails show up in your inbox each day. If you’re like me, most of your emails go unopened. Emails I open are relevant to me and are aligned with my current interests. Email automation campaigns allow you to personalize your communication to enhance your connection with your subscribers.

1)  Divide and Conquer

Personalization is the strength of an email automation campaign. Personalization requires very specific emails in response to a subscriber action. List the triggers that you want to create automated email campaigns for.

2)  Timing

As you review your email automation list, you’ll notice that some campaigns will be extended and others will be brief. An automated email campaign nurturing your relationship with the client will include several emails drawn out over time. In contrast, welcome campaigns will only have one email. Decide how many emails each campaign needs, label each email, and decide on the timing between trigger and delivery of each email in the campaign.

3)  A Sexy Body

I’m not talking about emails full of beautiful bodies in swimwear here.  If you want people to respond to your emails, you need to provide enticing information in an appealing format. Avoid making your emails feel like work by spicing them up with relevant photos. Include enough information to hook the reader and provide a button to the full article on your site or a strong Call To Action. CTA buttons are more visually appealing than lengthy links, but still link the words as a CTA, for those that can’t download graphics.

Remember, just because you’re creating an email automation campaign doesn’t mean you have to be robotic. You’re marketing vacation rentals. Be real. Be fun. Be relaxed. Make it desirable and easy for people to click through to your website.

4) Killer Subject Line

It doesn’t matter how awesome your email is. If people never open it because of a blah subject line, your email automation campaign is not going to drive traffic to your landing page . You need to keep your subject line short enough that people can see the entire subject as they are scrolling down their inbox, but you also need to specifically describe what is in the email so people know why it’s relevant to them at that moment.

5) Take It For A Test Drive

As you complete emails, send them to a test dummy account. Do all the links work? Is it grammatically correct? Is it as visually compelling in action as it was in concept? You don’t want to find errors after your email automation campaign has gone live.

6) Observe and Adjust

Keep track of your analytics. What works? What doesn’t? As trends come and go, you may need to adjust your automated emails to maintain your campaign’s effectiveness. Keep it fresh visually and with updated info as your properties or services evolve.

Successful email automation not only saves you time in the long run, it drives traffic to your site more effectively than one size fits all emails. Stand out among the inbox crowd by consistently delivering personalized, relevant, and interesting email.

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