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What is Growth Driven Design?
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Are you looking to redesign your website? Using Growth Driven Design, you can build a better-looking, better-functioning, better-converting website in less time, with less money, and a better strategy for the future.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading. Growth Driven Design could surprise you.


Fixing the Broken Website Redesign Process

A website redesign starts with strategy and mock-ups. Designers and developers work together to guess what future users will want on the website. Most of the time, this process gets delayed, and revisions push back the delivery date months into the future. In the end, the completely finished website is delivered – and the company just has to hope that the website will “work” like they hope. Then, in a short couple of years, the website needs to be redesigned again.

Thankfully, this traditional redesign process isn’t the only option.

Growth Driven Design is User-Focused

Unlike the designer-focused mindset detailed above, Growth Driven Design (GDD) is intensely user-focused. Instead of making assumptions about a website’s users, GDD studies user behavior, makes discoveries about the users, and then incrementally improves the website. Improvements sequentially improve high impact features of any website, including:

  • Audience
  • Content Value
  • Usability
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Stickiness (do your visitors come back?)
  • Personalization
  • Assets
  • Promoters

These user-focused improvements will improve website visitors’ experiences, encouraging them to come back for more, converting them into leads, and sparking them to promote your company to others. These improvements are continuous, keeping your website usable, modern, and up-to-date for years longer without another redesign.

The Steps in Growth Driven Design

The basic steps of the GDD process revolutionize the traditional web design process, and make a website more effective for the long-term.

Step #1: Strategy

Strategy is an extremely important part of GDD. Research helps you understand your user, and how your website can best fit into their lives. This stage involves brainstorming a huge wish list of improvements that could solve user problems and increase the value of your current website.

Step #2: Launch Pad Website

The GDD Launch Pad website is a redesigned version of your website, incorporating the highest impact elements from the brainstormed list. This website is launched quickly, in as little as 40 days (depending on the size of your website) – way faster than a traditional web redesign project timeline.

Step #3: Continuous Improvement

This is the heart of the GDD process, implementing changes and improvements every month that will improve user experience, and increase the effectiveness of your website. These changes are all based on real user data, essential for each item’s success.

Interested in Growth Driven Design?

We’d love to talk to you more about Growth Driven Design. At Captevrix, we now offer GDD website redesign. We are Growth Driven Design Certified, and ready to innovate and change how the world of website redesign works. Contact us today!

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