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Is Your Business at Risk: Website ADA Compliance

The new ADA web compliance rules are upon us and many companies are still confused as to how these regulations impact them. To be perfectly clear, any business that has a website should make sure their website is accessible for all who visit it. There are many risks associated with ADA non-compliance, including fines. Here’s […]
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Is Your Website Accessible to Everyone?

Website accessibility is a hot topic following new 2018 legislation that expanded ADA compliance requirements to online resources. Now businesses really need to be asking themselves if their sites are really as accessible as they once believed. Fortunately, the published WCAG 2.0 guidelines are paving the way to easy accessibility for all websites. Here’s what […]
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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

For many companies, ADA compliance is all about wheelchair ramps and restroom doors, but now ADA compliance has also become a digital issue. Businesses who fall under ADA rules must also provide accessibility for their websites to all users, whether they are accessing the web from a desktop computer or a specialty device. So how […]
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6 Tips to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Getting your website set up to meet ADA standards doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to the guidelines published and recently updated, web creators now have a simple framework to follow when building sites with accessibility in mind. These six tips will give you an idea of what you can do right away to bring […]
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ADA Compliance – The Forgotten End User

For many companies, the idea of compliance with the ADA may seem foreign. Most people think of the ADA only in terms of building codes and public accessibility, but Title II of the ADA does extend to web services as well. For instance, government entities that offer 24/7 services through their websites are expected to […]
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