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Website Hosting & My Website: What’s the Difference?
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So you want a website and of course, you want people to access that website. As you begin, you’ll probably start to get pretty overwhelmed with many unknown terms and a huge list of to-dos. One of the most common questions you might have is: What is website hosting, and how is that different from my website? Both of these are vital, and we’ll discuss the differences and role of each below.

Your Website

A website is made up of pages full of content like text and images. Then, there are usually links that connect these pages together in an organized, easy to understand way. These pages are coded with languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Lost already? Don’t worry. Hiring a professional web developer will handle all of the technical details for you.

To begin your website, you first compile all of the text, images, and other content you would like to include. Then you can design a mock-up, representing the layout and other visual features of your new site. After all the planning is done, now what?

Now you need a place to put your website using a website host.

Website Hosting

A website host acts a lot like you would if you were hosting some friends at your house. You would provide a place for your friends to hang out, and also provide anything else they may need while they stay with you (food, a bed, something to drink, etc.)

A website host is simply a host for your website, providing a place for your website to “live” on the internet. This allows other people to be able to visit your website worldwide. Once your website is hosted on the internet, anyone else with internet access will be able to find and view your website.

Here at Captevrix, we use A2 Hosting for ours and our clients’ websites. We’ve found their services and customer support to be high-quality, with affordable pricing as well. Other website hosting companies include:

And that’s it! You now have a basic understanding of the differences between websites and web hosting.

Need a little help? We’d love to assist you with any website design, development needs or questions you may have. Feel free to contact us or sign up for a no-obligation free consultation.

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