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Redesign Your Website With Personality: 2 Essential Questions
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So, you’re thinking about redesigning your website. If you’re like me, and almost everyone else, you immediately jump to thinking about what features and “cool stuff” you want on your website. These tempting features can include an eye-catching video header, fancy animations, or that popular new visual style. However, by doing this right at the beginning of the redesign process, we’re missing the most important, foundational part of any brand and its website: its personality.

Brand personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that make a brand distinctive and recognizable.

Why Is Personality Important?

Imagine your website looks amazing, with brilliant graphics and the most modern style. A visitor will be excited as the page loads. But, when the visitor begins reading and discovers boring, voice-less content – they will leave disappointed. A brand new laptop is pretty useless without a power cord, and brand personality is an essential “power cord” to a website’s success.

Establishing a strong brand personality on your website can be a fun process that can:

  • Inspire deeper creativity during the design process
  • Separate your company from the crowd
  • Create an engaging, memorable experience for your visitors

Let’s begin! Starting the Personality Creation Process

Before anything else, we need to define the core elements of your brand by answering two important questions.

1) Who Am I?

If your brand was a person, who would they be? What makes this particular “person” unique? List 5-7 traits that best describe your brand, along with 1-2 traits that your brand IS NOT, and you want to avoid.

For example: What does your brand look like? Act like? Do for fun? Is your brand friendly and welcoming? Knowledgable and informative? Professional and reassuring? Fun and a little crazy (in a good way)?

2) What Do I Want To Say?

In 2-4 sentences describe what your brand “person” wants to share with the world. What is it saying that no one else is saying? Then, describe HOW your brand speaks. Come up with 2-3 words describing your brand’s voice.

Want To Get Started?

To help you get on your way to creating an amazing brand personality, contact us and let’s get started on a new YOU!

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