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Keep Your Website Fresh and Clean
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Is your website engaging customers with up-to-date, relevant content? Keeping your website clean and fresh will increase your website traffic, and improve your credibility as a company, and as a leader in your industry. The following three tips will suggest ways to achieve this:

1) Add New Content Regularly

Adding new content to your website improves your website visitor’s experience by engaging them with relevant information. When your company provides new, interesting content, visitors listen to you, and begin to think of your company as a thought leader in your industry. This separates your company from your competitors, and improves your credibility.

Adding new content also improves your website’s performance in search engines like Google. Your website earns a higher ranking when you publish new content regularly. The higher you rank with search engines, the more website visitors you’ll attract, and the more customers you’ll find.

Solution: You have so many options when choosing what type of new content to publish. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Blog Posts
  • New website pages
  • News/Events about your company
  • News/Events related to your industry
  • Special Offers

2) Remove Old, Outdated Content

Old content on your website can be confusing and irritating to your website visitors. For example, imagine your company ran a promotion last month with a 40% discount on one of your products. A month later, the promotion is no longer running, but the advertisement is still displayed on your website. One of your website visitors sees the promotion, and decides to purchase the discounted product. While purchasing, the customer sees that they are not receiving the discounted price.

This customer will be confused and unhappy. Your company has lost its credibility by not following through on your offer. The customer decides not to purchase the product and is unlikely to consider purchasing from your company again.

Solution: Don’t let something like this happen just because you didn’t remove outdated content from your website. Either remove old content right away, or use an automatic system to unpublish content when it is no longer relevant.

3) Don’t Repeat Yourself

Don’t repeat yourself. Also, avoid saying the same thing over and over again. It’s not a good idea to say something that’s already been said. Oh, and did I mention that you shouldn’t be repeating content?

If that last paragraph annoyed you, it’ll annoy your website visitors as well. It’s easy to believe that if you just repeat that important point one more time, the message will really sink in. However, repetition actually has the opposite effect. Your website visitors will get tired of reading the same thing over and over again, and will stop reading altogether.

Solution: You can easily prevent this by reading through your content, and cutting out those extra sentences. Keep your readers engaged.

Follow these three suggestions, and you’ll be on your way to a fresh, clean website. Your website visitors will thank you.

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