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Inbound Marketing

Creating Content [Where Do I Begin?]

Inbound marketing focuses on utilizing content to bring customers to you: Demand generation. But how do you write content? Whether you’re writing content for your own company or putting together blogs on the side for a supplemental income, one of the greatest obstacles writers in today’s marketplace face is overcoming the boredom of writing copy when you feel like you don't know what to write about or how to make it interesting.
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How To Build an Offer for Your Vacation Rental Inbound Marketing Campaign

An offer's goal is to make someone crave what you offer so much that they are willing to give you personal information or click on another CTA (Call To Action) in order to obtain your offer. How do you build an offer for your vacation rental inbound marketing campaign that will not only entice site visitors to part with the information you desire, but leave them salivating for more information from you?
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Tools You Need For A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

There are numerous inbound marketing tools out on the market for businesses of all sizes and budgets. There are so many tools, that one may get overwhelmed just trying to decide the best technology to use for your industry and size of business. No amount of technology can make up for bad strategy, but having the right tools for your inbound marketing campaign can make or break your business. Choose to make the needed investment for your company in the beginning so you can begin experiencing a true ROI.
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Setting a Goal For Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

You have created your personas and are getting excited about setting goals . Every property manager/ owner sets benchmarks every year right? You don’t simply say, I want to make more money. You start each year by saying "I want to increase my sales by X% from last year. I want to increase my reservations by x% and make my owners smile x% more than last year." Right?
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Personas for Vacation Rental Inbound Marketing Campaign

Try not to be too excited about constructing your vacation rental inbound marketing campaign. That’s a mouth full, isn’t it? Before you get ahead of yourself, I wanted to take a minute and discuss personas with you. If you don’t have this lined up correctly, you could be wasting a whole lot of time! Nobody wants to do that.
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