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Is Pinterest a Worthwhile Investment for Your Business?
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With so many social media platforms at our fingertips, it can get confusing and complicated on which media venues are best for your business.

With an average of 200 million users each month, Pinterest is definitely one to seriously consider using. With 50% of those users belonging to the trendsetting Millennial generation, it’s important to realize Pinterest is not just solely utilized by females.

The male gender constitutes nearly 45% of Pinterest members. Unlike its social counterparts, Pinterest is more of a researching tool than a social connection. Pinterest members tend to be seeking project inspiration or product referrals, rather than sharing personal information. This can be quite lucrative for businesses which utilize this platform as a marketing tool. The potential to reach and grow your customer base expands with use.

How Does It Work?

Pins are images or videos you choose to represent a link you’re sharing about your business. Every pin is the face-front of a link, which leads users back to your blog or article about your business. Nearly 70% of Pinterest users state they’ve discovered new products and businesses through Pinterest. Over 90% of users use Pinterest to plan future purchases or trips.

To get started:

  1. Create a business account on Pinterest.  The business account will give you advertising and analytical features. If you already have a personal account on Pinterest, you can easily convert it to a business account. If you’re starting from scratch, you can easily create a business account. You’ll be required to enter your business information including what category your business is in.Review the terms of service, privacy policy, fill in your profile details, and you’re set. Be sure to be specific with information concerning your business to appeal and draw in those consumers. Once you’ve logged in, be sure to visit your settings and complete any missing information, such as your profile photo and location. (Tip: Be sure to confirm your website as this boosts your rankings in search results.)
  2. Create Your Boards. From your profile, click on “Boards” and then click on the red “+” icon. Name your Board. Be sure to use wording that properly represents the subject matter of the board you’re creating, while also using words most likely to be used to look it up. (Keep that name under 20 characters) Example: “Easy to Make Sandwiches”. Now, return to your “Boards” tab and click on the pencil icon.Put in a description for what will be found under this board listing. Then choose public or private access (you may want to keep the board private until you’re ready for your customers to start accessing it).
  3. Do yourself a favor and install the Pinterest browser button.  Now the fun begins! As you surf the web and you discover something you’d like to “pin”, all you’ll have to do is click your Pinterest icon on your internet browser bar. Select an image from the options and “Save”.Edit the description to reflect whatever message you’d like to add and select which board which you want the Pin saved. Once you get a few pins saved to a particular board, you can choose your favorite to be the “Cover Pin” to your board. Simply go to your “Boards” tab, click the pencil icon in the bottom right corner, scroll down to “Cover” and click “Change”. Choose your cover pin ad click “Save”.
  4. You’re Familiar.  Once you’ve become familiar with the process, you can start creating pins and tying their links into your business’s blogs or other media which will link your business to your customers. Happy Pinning!

Keep in mind, consumers use Pinterest as a research tool while shopping. They’re looking for information and opportunities to find something new. You should understand what your potential customers are seeking and provide them with answers.

You’ll be offering insight, opportunity, and availability to your customer base. Think of Pinterest as a broker for your business. Your customer base and sales will increase, along with your popularity. It’s a marketing dream come true!

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