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How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing
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You’ve probably been told that you need a Twitter account if you want to grow your business these days. Twitter is being used successfully by companies of all sizes to enhance their brand’s reputation and recognition. Once you have mastered the skill of creating great Twitter posts, you can begin making conversions in no time. So let’s get started with the basics.

Setting Measurable Goals

Before you ever make your first Tweet, you first need to be clear about what you hope to accomplish through this particular social media platform. Most often, the goal is to gain traffic to your website or to gather leads. Whatever the goal is, you need to be sure that all of your posts contain elements that will push that initiative, and that you have set a numeric threshold for success. How many additional leads do you want? What percentage increase in traffic do you wish to see?

If you have already started a Twitter account, that’s ok. Start setting your goals today and begin tweeting with an agenda.

Find Followers

One of the best ways to find followers on Twitter is to start following other people in your industry. This is an opportunity to network and gain visibility. The more people you follow, the more likely they will be to follow you back. However, Twitter also flags accounts that appear to be buying followers or running a bot, so don’t overdo it all at once.

Use Hashtags


On Twitter, any text that immediately starts with a hashtag # – and for us older folks, what we used to call the pound sign, is searchable. These tags are searchable and appear on trending lists. You should get used to adding hashtags into all of your twitter posts to make your posts appear on various lists. More importantly, you should keep a very close eye on the top trending hashtags to find opportunities that you can jump onboard with. The top trending hashtags are often jokes or cultural events that your business can create posts around. Another great thing about hashtags is that you can search twitter based on these hashtags and begin connecting with other Twitter users based on your commonality…the hashtag.

If you are unsure of hashtags, don’t worry. Your tweets can still be searched and found based on relevant words in your tweets.

Decide On Your Brand Personality


There are some very big corporate personalities on Twitter these days. On the one hand, most companies have stuck to a strictly professional demeanor, while some companies have gone for more of a hip vibe. At the professional end of the spectrum are companies like Boeing, while Wendy’s and Burger King have gone with a younger voice. Where you fall on the spectrum will largely depend on what your target demographic is and how you wish your brand to be perceived.

Start Posting Often

Once you have settled on all of these details, all you have to do is write up a few short sentences and space them out throughout the week. Add a hashtag or two to your post, and make sure you provide a link to your website for follow through when warranted. You should also remember that images and videos are known to boost engagement among users in the fast-paced Twitter feed.

Don’t forget to engage in the Twitter community. Don’t just post and leave it with the hopes others will engage with you. Just like anything else in marketing, you have to work at it. Find the relevant hashtags and go out and find your fellow tweeps and start a Twitter adventure!

With all of that under control, you will begin to see your Twitter following grow over time. In addition, Twitter provides a strong analysis of your post engagement that you should check out periodically. You can find this under your settings. At least as of today that is where you can find them. The best marketer always looks to see what works and how to make it #workbetter.


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