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How Social Media is Changing SEO
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SEO is important. It is so important in fact that 66% of marketers agree that it is their top priority.

Here are the key points that will be important when considering SEO and social media.

Social Search

Social search is changing the SEO game: You have to optimize your content, beyond your website or blog. There are 2 billion searches on Facebook a day, and 3 billion on Google. So it seems that Facebook search is catching up.

Mobile is KING.

All content should be able to be accessed via mobile devices, especially with the increasing popularity of ‘voice search’ like asking SIRI or Cortana, and now Google Assistant. The fact is that the majority of people are using social media on their mobile devices, especially their smart phones.

Increasing Traffic

Increasing traffic is still a top goal for inbound marketers. As a matter of fact 66% of marketers agree that SEO is a top priority. The use of social media is one way marketers can increase traffic. Posts that link back to their website is one way traffic can be increased using social media. Consumers seek out content in different places so businesses need to begin optimizing content distribution beyond just their website or blog. It needs to be be distributed via social media.

Content Creation

60% of marketers believe that blog content creation is a high priority as well. Posting your blog and linking it back to your website it also great for SEO. Posting it beyond your blog and putting it on your social platforms where consumers are searching for content will help your SEO. This has been proven to be a very successful tactic for increasing engagement as well as traffic to your site.

What does this mean for you? It means social media is more important than ever because of the direct effect it has on SEO. Social media is a great tool to increase traffic by linking back to your website. You are already active on social media, be sure to share your great content with your audience and start driving that traffic! Putting your posts on  social media will give it the chance of being found by those searching via social search. Get on board so you don’t get left behind, especially in this fast paced world.

If you are confused about what SEO is and how it affects your business, check out our blog for more information about SEO. You can also contact our experts and schedule a free consultation to discuss the solutions that are right for you.

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