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Have You Heard of IGTV?
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Instagram is taking the center stage and setting itself aside from social media platforms – all at the same time. Since Instagram launched in 2010, Instagram has al ways been the place to connect with the people who inspire, educate and entertain you every day. Instagram has not only flourished, but has grown into being a leading competitor to all other social media platforms with an astonishing community of one billion users. So, what is this new app and feature creating a stir in the social media world? Instagram has blessed us with Instagram T.V.

What is IGTV?

It’s basically social media Inception. Instagram opened its community to their newest app within their app – and we absolutely love it. This new feature has already premiered bringing a whole new mode of entertainment to an app that users often spend plenty of time on. While IGTV will be accessible from a button inside the Instagram home screen, giving you the ability to be entertained from the core of your Instagram app, there is an independent IGTV app.

With that being said, it makes a new platform all on its own since it also exists as a standalone app, serving up video after video for as long as you can stand it. Not only does IGTV kick off a new chapter of video on Instagram, it brings us closer to reality. IGTV is set up for how you actually use your phone. By this we mean videos are displayed vertically, full screen, and can be created to be up to an hour long – which is up from the previous one-minute limit. Are you not seeing the new IGTV icon inside Instagram? You’ll have to download the latest version of Instagram in order to see the small TV icon in the top-right corner next to the direct message icon.

How do you use it?

Instagram made it simple for us too! IGTV starts playing as soon as you open the app. Luckily, you do not have to search or wait to start watching content, the content is delivered automatically as soon as it is opened. Content is delivered based on others you might have liked or based on your interests or from people you are already following on Instagram. If you have a craving for different content, there is a solution for you. IGTV allows you to swipe up to discover more – toggling between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular,” and “Continue Watching.”


Who are the creators?

IGTV has channels, just like TV. Yet, in IGTV, the creators are the channels that will be available for your viewing pleasure. If you’re following a creator on Instagram, their IGTV channel will naturally show up for you to take a gander. Are you wondering who the creators are? Similar to the American Dream, anyone can be a creator – you can upload your own IGTV videos in the app or on the web to start your own channel. You must be thinking, what’s the benefit to creators? I know it’s safe to bridge the connection to Influencer Marketing, if you’re familiar with the popularity of the Influencer Marketing movement.

For those influencers who make a living through Instagram, we know you’re thrilled about IGTV. There is undoubtedly one special variable that IGTV offers to creators: discoverability. This new Instagram feature and app can change the strategy for creators and the way they choose to optimize their content. After all, there are no commercials on IGTV… yet.

Instagram has evolved far beyond its initial launch in 2010, when it was just an app for sharing photos with filters. Although it’s obvious that Instagram is ready to compete head-on with YouTube, I am excited to see what brands start jumping on board, what the monetary values will evolve and become apart of Instagram changing the video content world. IGTV is seemingly giving video the opportunity to move forward and evolve – and I am all for it.

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