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Your CRM Should Be Treated Like Your Favorite Wine
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The first thing that might have crossed your mind is, “What is a CRM?” CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is vital for today’s sales and marketing. If your company doesn’t have one or you need to understand its purpose better, then check this out.  

So why should your CRM be treated like your favorite wine? Simply because it is vital to your boss’s happiness. Would you buy your favorite wine and simply never drink it? I think not, you would buy it and drink it and savor it. Now of course once you sign up for your CRM, you don’t have to use it and then sign up again and again, like you would your bottle of wine, but you get the analogy, right?

CRM and The Customer Experience

Who remembers the days when you could walk into your local mom and pop shop and the owner says, “How are the kids?” Or you are at your local diner, and they know you like your coffee hot and plain, no sugar necessary because you are sweet enough as it is. It’s probably a primary reason as to why you keep coming back, right? Imagine you sell planters and a customer calls and says “Can you place me the same order as last time?” and they have horrible cell service and the call drops. Do you keep trying to call them to double-check their order? NO, you provide excellent service and truly know your customer. You simply look them up in your CRM and see what their last order was because you utilize your CRM and send them an email verifying their order. 

CRM – Crystal Ball

Some of the sales teams that I work with refer to their CRM as a crystal ball. Imagine you are working a lead and you see that they are opening your emails and have recently visited your services or particular product page. Now you can give them a call and give them updated information or closing verbiage that relates to their recent action. Psychologically, your prospective customer or client will be thinking, “they get it, they understand what I am looking for.” We’ve all had this thought at one time or another about Amazon. You wonder, “ How did they know I needed that!!!” and then you buy it. 

CRM – Keep Data Updated

Your CRM isn’t just for obtaining clients, it’s for your current clients as well. If specific events occur with your client, there’s no better place to record it than your CRM. Updating your contact record regularly helps you keep tabs on your client’s activity. Don’t rely on your memory!!!! You are busy and don’t want important details like a client requesting new services to chance, do you? Also, if the staff member that normally interacts with a client goes on vacation, or heaven forbid, is ill in the hospital and you have to take over, wouldn’t you want to know the latest and greatest that is going on with that customer? You’re unable to contact the person that typically works with them. Also, imagine the surprise and delight your customer expresses when you know cool stuff about them because your team member took the time to keep the record up-to-date in your CRM. 

These are just a few reasons you don’t want to leave your CRM in the wine cellar just sitting there collecting dust…or even worse, not buying that wine and just drinking sparkling grape juice. Today’s salesforce is fast-paced and incredibly busy! Use your CRM to your advantage. If you do, you will be happy that you are not surrounding yourself with outdated post-it notes, or trying to make sense out of an outdated spreadsheet. 

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