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Why Do People Read Blogs?
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With the constantly developing marketing trends, Google’s incredibly dynamic algorithms, and the changes in how people seek information, you may wonder – do people still search for and read blogs?

The answer, of course, is yes!

According to a survey recently done by HubSpot, 60% of people read online blogs. But why? What is it that they’re looking to accomplish by reading them? According to the same survey, there are three main reasons, which we will discuss here. But we’d like to take it a step further and give you a couple more that we have learned just by listening to readers and our own site visitors.

5 Reasons People Read Blogs

They Want to Learn Something New

In a DIY world, one thing many web surfers are looking for is information on how to do something. Maybe they want to install their own kitchen cabinets, or they want to learn how to better market their business (that’s probably why you’re here!). The searchers are looking for information to learn more about something.

Blog posts that guide people in a process, include tutorial videos, facts, or all-around just teach something new – are the ones that gain a great deal of web search traffic.

The posts don’t have to be a guide with step-by-step instructions, either. They can simply contain in-depth information on something, therefore teaching readers something they didn’t already know. People crave knowledge.

They Want to Be Entertained

Everyone wants entertainment. It’s the reason behind our televisions, video game systems – even computers for many (when they’re not working or schooling). Reading is a great source of entertainment. Especially when it’s something interesting or funny.

In fact, during times of boredom, you may find yourself initially searching for one topic. Reading about it, getting intrigued by a subtopic of the blog, and looking up more about that, until you’re so far off your original topic, you don’t even remember how you got there. “Going down a rabbit hole”, as my friend Valerie refers to it (and she does it often!).

They Want to Research Their Industry

Think about why you’re here. Maybe you’re a business looking for marketing tips. Maybe you’re a fellow marketer. Maybe you’re just Valerie wondering why I was talking about you in this blog. If you’re one of the first two though, you may be doing research within your industry. In this case, marketing. The ever-changing trends are something we have to keep up with in our  industry – and we certainly do!

But it’s not just marketing. If a reader owns a painting company, they may find themselves reading blogs about the painting industry, what’s new with different paint types, and any other nuggets of information that will help them run their company.

People are Curious

Not all blogs are companies trying to sell something. In fact, even the blogs that are companies selling products often have a good mix of non-business related topics as well (if they’re doing it right!)

Many people surf the web and read blogs to fulfill their own curiosity. People are fascinated by getting that insight into someone else’s life. Reading a blog is like reading a little bit from someone’s personal journal. Sure, that may seem a little weird. But isn’t it the same reason we watch movies and tv shows? To feel like we’re getting a glimpse into someone else’s life – whether it be real or fake.

People Want to Connect And Feel Part of Something

Personal connection is something that can sometimes be easily lost if you’re not out hanging out with friends, or talking on the phone. Reading blogs, interacting with them, dropping a comment and agreeing with them – these are all things that create a personal connection.

Not only is the interaction personal, but people also like to feel like they’re not alone. They may have initially searched to see if anyone is having the same issue they are. And finding someone that is going through something similar creates a personal connection and a sense of belonging.

While these are just five of the reasons people read blogs, there are so many more. And blogging is a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Have you ever stopped to think why you read them? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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