Meet our team

Captevrix is a full service marketing company specializing in inbound marketing.  We help businesses develop their marketing goals and generate website traffic, qualified leads and sales.  By partnering with companies like yours, we work hand in hand with you, designing your website, streamlining your online presence, defining attainable marketing goals and helping you reach out to potential customers.

Business owners today struggle with how to get in front of their audiences. The days of print ads, newspaper ads and postcards are all but gone. Everyone is on the internet now. Everyone is searching for answers to their problems or concerns on the web. How does a business successfully get their name in front of those potential customers?

We have watched businesses struggle with pieces of the internet puzzle repeatedly. They may be on Facebook, but not blogging; may be on Twitter but not Facebook, and so on. The bottom line, companies generally don’t have the manpower or time to successfully implement and manage an effective online marketing campaign.

"I recommend Captevrix to many of my new business owners because I know they do SEO right and absolutely know how to generate leads that my business owners need."

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Kim Deas
Murphy Business Brokers

Aaron Dyess


Inbound Marketing CertifiedHubSpot Agency Partner CertifiedHubSpot CertifiedEmail Marketing CertifiedContextual Marketing Certified

Aaron enjoys exploring clients stories’, setting their goals and formulating the perfect plan to ensure their success. Aaron is responsible for business development and ensures that everything behind the scenes flows smoothly.

Interesting Facts:

  • Helicopter Pilot (He used to drop water on fires!)
  • Was a Deputy for a while after the military
  • Worked with drug and bomb dogs in the military
Sonja Dyess


Inbound Marketing CertifiedHubSpot CertifiedEmail Marketing Certified
VP Marketing & Communications

Sonja stays excited about social media.  She started her endeavor into social media as it surfaced and has grown with it over the past 7 years.  She is enthusiastic about your success and always happy and laughing.

Interesting Facts:

  • Loves Teaching, Social Media is a blast!
  • Enjoys Zoomba in her free time
  • On the weekend, she is at the beach or pool
Kaitlyn Thul


Inbound Marketing CertifiedHubSpot CertifiedHubSpot Design CertifiedEmail Marketing CertifiedGrowth Driven Design CertifiedContent Marketing Certified
Web Development & Graphic Design Specialist

Kaitlyn likes combing the creative right brain with the logical left brain. Working on the web and in design, she can design creatively, and code logically. Kaitlyn strives to approach everyday life and work with optimism and energy.

Interesting Facts:

  • Loves climbing mountains
  • Sends letters with wax seals on a regular basis
  • Enjoys listening to film scores far more than ‘popular’ music
Courtney Little


Inbound Marketing CertifiedHubSpot Certified
Marketing Assistant

Courtney loves keeping up with all things pop culture and social media. Whether it be the newest trend, newest app, or latest celebrity drama, she’s the first to know about it. She spends her free time reading, drinking coffee, or playing with her new kitten.

Interesting facts:

  • Wants to visit all 50 states, so far she’s been to 22/50 states
  • Was a baton twirler for 12 years
  • Loves black and white movies
Shelly Cornish

Shelly Cornish

Social Media Intern

Shelly is enthusiastic about all things social media! She actively works to expand her knowledge of the different social media platforms to stay current with today’s ever changing technology. She’s extremely outgoing and captivates any room she walks into, and attributes her social media success to being such a “people person.” Her favorite part of working with social media is the ability to connect with her audience and share her clients’ products in such a fun and personal way. In her free time you can find her by the beach, playing with her cat, or watching The Office.

Interesting facts:

  • I’m a senior studying Communications and media studies at Stetson University!
  • I’ve been a baton twirler and dancer for 19 years!
  • I grew up most of my life living on a house boat!



Jennifer possesses a strong passion for writing. Being an avid reader her entire life, she appreciates how much an author has to share with the world around them. Her prior experience in the property management industry has sharpened her skills in recognizing the true value of the importance in details. Her frequent travels throughout the continental U.S. have given her ample experience in persistent research, calculated scheduling, and deliberate planning. Considering her life has been spent living a perpetual vacation on the Gulf Coast, she’s accumulated a vast knowledge of searching for those incognito localities which make each destination a true gem to locals and visitors alike.

Interesting facts:

  • A devoted animal lover, she and her husband share their home with four dogs
  • She loves learning as much as teaching



As an idealist oscillating between aspirations and reality, Maria is constantly striving to bridge the gap between her personal objectives and realistic expectations. She loves a good novel and as her writing has grown, so has her appreciation for the talent and hard work that go into the creation of a beautiful and powerful story. After all, the unique perspective she has acquired after reading some great books is what helps her make the best out of her writing abilities in a constantly changing world.

  • Maria is not a native Floridian BUT she loves Florida.
  • She is a dreamer as well as a down-to-earth doer and go-getter, who strives to achieve the unachievable by balancing creativity, efficiency and proficiency.
  • She likes to write for others as much as for herself.


Graphic Design

Working in graphic design since 2004, Diana has developed many logos and creative pieces for US and international companies.  She is an extremely artistic person and loves creating that new piece for clients.

Interesting Facts:

  • She is Sonja’s cousin! (The resemblance is not a coincidence)
  • Works remotely and sometimes in the middle of the night to meet Captevrix’s time schedule.
  • Born and raised in Gielow, Germany


Client Relations

AnnMarie loves to represent Captevrix to many different communities. She is responsible for developing and maintaining client relations and ensuring our clients receive the best service possible.  AnnMarie works closely with the business development side of the house.  AnnMarie is an avid writer and enjoys going the extra mile for all of our clients.

Interesting Facts: 

  • Drove an Armored Truck
  • Is a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida
  • Can eat an entire pizza in one setting