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Captevrix is a full service marketing company specializing in inbound marketing.  We help businesses develop their marketing goals and generate website traffic, qualified leads and sales.  By partnering with companies like yours, we work hand in hand with you, designing your website, streamlining your online presence, defining attainable marketing goals and helping you reach out to potential customers.

Professional, Quick to Respond

Captevrix did work on my website and also did social media work for my business. They did an awesome job! They are professional, quick to respond, nice and easy to work with and they really know social marketing. I believe they helped greatly in getting my business to the top in Google searches and I plan to work with them again in the future. Thanks guys! Great job!!!


Jill S.
Jill's Consignment

aaron aaron-fun



Aaron enjoys exploring clients stories', setting their goals and formulating the perfect plan to ensure their success.  Aaron is responsible for business development and ensures that everything behind the scenes flows smoothly.

Interesting Facts:
  • Helicopter Pilot (He used to drop water on fires!)
  • Was a Deputy for a while after the military
  • Worked with drug and bomb dogs in the military
Certifications: Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot Agency Partner Certified Inbound Sales Certified Email Marketing Certified HubSpot Sales Software Certified Delivering Client Success Selling Sales Services
sonja sonja-fun


VP Marketing & Communications

Sonja stays excited about social media.  She started her endeavor into social media as it surfaced and has grown with it over the past 7 years.  She is enthusiastic about your success and always happy and laughing.

Interesting Facts:

  • Loves Teaching, Social Media is a blast!
  • Enjoys Zoomba in her free time
  • On the weekend, she is at the beach or pool
Certifications: Inbound Marketing Certified Email Marketing Certified Content Marketing Certified Sales Enablement
amber amber-fun (1)


Account Manager

Amber strives to input integrity, energy, and hard work into any project she tackles. With a history in government and media, she’s worked to take the best of both of those worlds and bring it front and center into her marketing. A lover of reading and writing, she enjoys learning and in turn, sharing that knowledge with others.

Fun Facts:

  • Works with multiple animal rescues
  • Loves history and historical fiction
  • Loves to garden
Certifications: Inbound Marketing Certified Email Marketing Certified
kaitlyn kaitlyn-fun


Web Development & Graphic Design Specialist

Kaitlyn likes combing the creative right brain with the logical left brain. Working on the web and in design, she can design creatively, and code logically. Kaitlyn strives to approach everyday life and work with optimism and energy. 

Interesting Facts:

  • Loves climbing mountains
  • Sends letters with wax seals on a regular basis
  • Enjoys listening to film scores far more than 'popular' music
Certifications: Inbound Marketing Certified Email Marketing Certified Growth Driven Design Agency Certified Content Marketing Certified
maria maria-fun



As an idealist oscillating between aspirations and reality, Maria is constantly striving to bridge the gap between her personal objectives and realistic expectations. She loves a good novel and as her writing has grown, so has her appreciation for the talent and hard work that go into the creation of a beautiful and powerful story. After all, the unique perspective she has acquired after reading some great books is what helps her make the best out of her writing abilities in a constantly changing world.

Fun Facts:

  • Maria is not a native Floridian BUT she loves Florida.
  • She is a dreamer as well as a down-to-earth doer and go-getter, who strives to achieve the unachievable by balancing creativity, efficiency and proficiency.
  • She likes to write for others as much as for herself.
annmarie annmarie


Client Relations/Realtor

AnnMarie loves to represent Captevrix to many different communities. She is responsible for developing and maintaining client relations and ensuring our clients receive the best service possible.  AnnMarie works closely with the business development side of the house.  AnnMarie is an avid writer and enjoys going the extra mile for all of our clients. 

Interesting Facts: 

  • Drove an Armored Truck 
  • Is a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida 
  • Can eat an entire pizza in one sitting
diana Diana


Graphic Design

Working in graphic design since 2004, Diana has developed many logos and creative pieces for US and international companies.  She is an extremely artistic person and loves creating that new piece for clients.

Interesting Facts:

  • She is Sonja’s cousin! (The resemblance is not a coincidence)
  • Works remotely and sometimes in the middle of the night to meet Captevrix’s time schedule.
  • Born and raised in Gielow, Germany
jason jason-fun


Strategic Consultant

Jason consults with businesses to identify challenges and develop inbound marketing and inbound sales opportunities to foster growth. Jason uses fusion based techniques allowing the combination of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), analytics and content media to narrow a company's media skills and optimize growth.
Certifications: Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot Sales Software Certified Developing a Sales Plan Client Management
james james


Director of Business Development

Culminating over 24 years of military service, James retired after completing over 2000 hours of peacetime and combat missions in the F-15 Eagle.  Prior to military retirement, James oversaw $100M in equipment, facilities and budgets. He proudly led 30 very motivated airmen supporting the vital task of homeland defense via the NORAD mission of immediate response while on "always ready" alert.  This included Presidential escort, high priority asset protection, emergency assistance  of distressed aircraft and airborne divert of suspect airplanes.  Always motivated to accomplish more, James has been a partner or owner of several businesses including real estate investments, retail distribution and web design & marketing.  Combining military experience and forward thinking business experience, James is excited to discuss how to confront client challenges and overcome them with cutting edge marketing & sales techniques which are rapidly evolving.

Interesting Facts:

  • Broke the speed of sound (more than a few times)
  • Has watched a Super Bowl from the side line
  • Would like to do 100+ mph on a boat
Certifications: Inbound Marketing Certified
richard richard-fun


Strategic Consultant

After 30 years in the military as an F-15 instructor pilot, Richard has joined Captevrix to utilize his strategic planning skills, critical analysis, and attention to detail to help businesses grow in competitive markets. Richard consults with businesses to identify challenges and develop inbound marketing and inbound sales opportunities to foster growth. Richard uses fusion based techniques allowing the combination of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), analytics and content media to narrow a company's media skills and optimize growth.