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About Us

Captevrix is a growth agency specializing in inbound marketing.  We help businesses develop their marketing goals and generate website traffic, qualified leads, and sales. 

When you join forces with us, we work hand-in-hand with you; designing your website, streamlining your online presence, defining attainable marketing goals, and helping you reach out to potential customers.

"Truly Amazing"

I have worked with Captevrix since shortly after they opened. I am so happy that they turned me on to inbound and HubSpot. They make sure things get done and stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest. The team also takes true ownership and functions as part of my Allied team. Truly an amazing company to work with.


Richard P.
Allied Foundation

Aaron Aaron-Website



Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot Agency Partner Certified HubSpot Marketing Softare Certified Inbound Sales Certified Email Marketing Certified HubSpot Sales Software Certified Delivering Client Success Selling Sales Services

Aaron enjoys exploring clients stories', setting their goals and formulating the perfect plan to ensure their success.  Aaron is responsible for business development and ensures that everything behind the scenes flows smoothly.

  • Helicopter Pilot (He used to drop water on fires!)
  • Was a Deputy for a while after the military
  • Worked with drug and bomb dogs in the military
Sonja-Website Sonja-Website


VP Marketing & Communications

Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot Marketing Softare Certified Email Marketing Certified Content Marketing Certified Sales Enablement

Sonja stays excited about digital marketing.  She started her marketing and public relations adventure before the internet was part of the strategy.  She is enthusiastic about your success and always happy and laughing.

  • Loves Teaching, Social Media is a blast!
  • Enjoys Zoomba and deep sea fishing in her free time
  • She enjoys facetime with her family in Germany
Ed-Website Ed-Website


Web Developer

Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot Marketing Softare Certified Growth Driven Design Certified

Ed has been working in website design and development for over 15 years. With a strong focus on clean effective design and code, he loves creating websites that work for our clients. He is dedicated to providing a superior customer experience. In his free time he enjoys surfing, gardening, cooking and driving top down in his Jeep. 

  • Has a lifelong love of the ocean
  •  Loves tropical gardening
  •  Enamored with everything Caribbean
DianaOriginal DianaOriginal


Account Manager/Graphic Design

Inbound Marketing Certified HubSpot Agency Partner Certified

Working in graphic design since 2004, Diana has developed many logos and creative pieces for US and international companies.  She is an extremely artistic person and loves creating that new piece for clients.

  • She is Sonja’s cousin! (The resemblance is not a coincidence)
  • Works remotely and sometimes in the middle of the night to meet Captevrix’s time schedule.
  • Born and raised in Gielow, Germany
Maria Maria-Website-1


Content Creation

As an idealist oscillating between aspirations and reality, Maria is constantly striving to bridge the gap between her personal objectives and realistic expectations. She loves a good novel and as her writing has grown, so has her appreciation for the talent and hard work that go into the creation of a beautiful and powerful story. After all, the unique perspective she has acquired after reading some great books is what helps her make the best out of her writing abilities in a constantly changing world.

  • Maria is not a native Floridian BUT she loves Florida.
  • She is a dreamer as well as a down-to-earth doer and go-getter, who strives to achieve the unachievable by balancing creativity, efficiency and proficiency.
  • She likes to write for others as much as for herself.
Melba Melba-web


Content Writer

Melba has been a part time writer of human interest stories since the mid 1990’s sharing stories of growing up on a dairy farm in Louisiana, and places she has travelled. Her first story was about her pet goat, Billy, who died tragically in an automobile accident - sort of.

  • Melba has shared her love of hiking, biking, swimming and travelling with her nine grandchildren and several husbands.
  • She is a retired mortgage broker from North Georgia and has returned to her love of writing to help clients of Captevrix.
Jordan Jordan-1


Marketing Coordinator


Jordan started her writing with us just over a year ago. She enjoys reading and researching about what she’s writing. In her free time, she likes to read and play with her dog Cooper.

  • Jordan enjoys snowboarding with her family
  • Loves traveling to different places and riding RZR’s with her husband
  • Loves the Dallas Cowboys!