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Why Consistency is Key for your Marketing Strategy
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We’ve all heard the phrase. You know the one: ‘Consistency is key’. ‘Key to what?’ is always my next question. Basically consistency is the magic key to success, especially marketing. Consistency deals with the act of being consistent. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary ‘consistent’ is simply defined as always acting or behaving in the same way, or the same quality.

So what does this mean for you?

It means, just like with anything, you need to strive to be consistent in your marketing efforts. It cannot be an on/off deal like the last diet you tried out. You need to be consistent in the quality, quantity, and message your marketing portrays. This will all in all add value to your marketing strategy.

  • Quality: Amazing quality, every time. Does the quality of your content waver? Then you run the risk of your readers dropping like flies and you not generating the leads you want.
  • Quantity: Consistently posting content to your blog and social profiles so that you are present and reachable to those you want to connect with. If you aren’t consistent in this area, then you don’t seem present to your potential customers, but absent and unimportant and not a valuable use of their time.
  • Message: Your message should be presented to your audience in the same fashion to get the same point across each time, in order to give them the value you set out to give. You can be creative in how you portray your message, but the idea needs to stay the same as to not confuse those who you are writing for.

The benefits of consistency

‘So what if I don’t post consistent content consistently? I still have content out there for my target audience.’ If you are asking this then you don’t know the perils of inconsistency on your marketing efforts. It can potentially destroy any of the efforts you have already made. Without consistency you will become stagnate and be a mere speck in the ever expanding sea of content. However, consistency will give you the leads you want, convert your leads to customers, and increase customer engagement and reviews.

  • Leads: Being consistent in the specific content you use for the position in the buyer’s journey your audience is at is important to gain the leads you need for your business to grow. Educational content will help you capture the attention of the the audience you are writing for and you will in return be able to generate more leads from merely being consistent in using the same quality and quantity of content. You will then have created a pattern of trust from being consistent.
  • Customers: As you consistently provide quality content for your leads they will find you trustworthy and begin converting into customers. Consistency in being educational, using the language they use and meeting them where they are helps close leads into customers.
  • Engagement and Reviews: After they are customers, consistency is still important. It entices your customers to engage with you and leave you those coveted shiny reviews that can help the image of your business.

Do you need help ensuring you are consistent?

If you still need help in being consistent in your marketing, check out our other blog posts for more valuable information that will help you be more consistent in your marketing efforts. You can also contact our marketing specialists for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss solutions to keep your marketing consistent and effective.

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