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Recipe for an Infographic
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Infographics are a great tool to utilize for content marketing for your demand generation. There’s many advantages to using them so if you haven’t made one yet, it’s about time to start!

What Are Infographics?

Infographics are charts or visual content that are used to represent information. Most can easily see the word is a mixture of “information” and “graphic”, which very neatly describes exactly what it is.

They are a mixture of text and pictures that can be used to break down complex ideas into something easily digestible for people who may not have the time to sit down and properly research a topic. They are great for visual learners and help put together many thoughts into one neat, useful picture that can make you look professional and knowledgeable.

Why Should You Use Them?

Data has shown that infographics can drastically increase views on a post, as far as 94%. It’s been shown time and time again that media and pictures increase audience interest, so its important we don’t overlook this tool as marketers and business owners.


One of the great things about infographics is that they are easily embedded. When your infographics are shared or used, they create valuable backlinks to your website, which increases your SEO value.

Embedding these infographics also makes it easy to track their analytics as well. Using Google Reverse Image Search can find where your infographic has been shared or published on another site. This analytical information is wonderful when measuring the success of your marketing campaign.


Infographics have the ability to be turned into print at any time – which can be handy when trying to find content to repurpose and save you time. If you need a handout or something to show at a tradeshow you plan on going to, it’s quick and easy to find a good performing infographic and get it printed into some great physical material to share with others.

Other ideas for repurposing your infographic may be:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Information Cards

They’re Easier For Our Brains to Process!

Why do we see and engage with infographics 94% more? Are we lazy? Are our attention spans really that bad? Well, yes and no. Let’s look at some facts:

So, maybe we aren’t totally lazy and aloof. Maybe we’re actually biologically created to digest information better this way. Using these facts can help us reach our audiences better.

How Should We Structure Our Infographics?

Part of the success of infographics is their organization. They flow in a way that takes our minds through entire complex topics without breaking a sweat. It’s important that you plan the layout of your infographic carefully to maximize its success.

Things to keep in mind that are extremely important:

  • Be consistent
  • Direct focus – don’t have them guessing where they should start looking
  • Alignment is important! You can muddle an infographic easily by not maintaining a natural flow of the pictures or information.
  • Use enticing and coordinating colors. Since the colors are one of the reasons we linger longer over infographics, make sure you’re using colors that help convey your points. Is a certain point extremely important or even perhaps dangerous? Think maroon! Be careful of red as it is hard on the eyes when viewed digitally.
  • Simple pictures usually work better. The idea isn’t to spend time looking at details, but to nudge the reader into getting the information they need as quickly as possible and moving on to the next point in your infographic.
  • Though you may have a lot of info to give, don’t let the infographic go on for too long. If you’re giving great information in an entertaining way, people will read longer. But there are limits even for infographics.

For beginners, there are infographic templates you can use provided by various websites online. It’s always great to experiment with new layouts and ideas though, so don’t be afraid to take a crack at it yourself!

There you go, a full recipe of why search engines love infographics and why your audience will love them too! If you can get a hang on how to implement and make infographics for your next content marketing plan, we’re sure you’ll reap the rewards.

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