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Modern Marketing Ideas for Jacksonville Law Firms
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Marketing, regardless of the industry, often proves the difference between a company capable of expanding and growing with the times and an inferior company incapable of reaching its necessary demographic. The same is true with law firms inside of Jacksonville.

While the practice of law remains one of the oldest professions, it does not mean marketing methods must remain just as old. The major problem with many law firms is they rely solely on outdated advertising options, and while utilizing these methods can help reach some potential prospects of legal council, it also makes many of these firms come across as prehistoric.

People know what law firms are and the services each are able to provide. What they need is specific answers in a way they understand in a format they are most likely to see. This is exactly why you and your law firm needs to take advantage of these Jacksonville legal marketing ideas.

Social Media

Social media is more than just a tool for people to share pictures of their children or post videos of cats. This is a marketer’s dream.

Social media brings millions of people together and obtains information about these different people. With every post, like, share and other upload from a particular individual, the social media website learns more about the person. Account holders often include their gender, birth date and other demographic information, which the social media website then sells to marketers. This way, if you create an advertisement for a specific demographic, you can make sure these people and only these people see the particular ad.

With all of the different Jacksonville legal marketing ideas, this one is by far the best option out there simply because you can target individuals that much easier. Best of all, you can create different ads for different people, so if your law firm offers legal council to different kinds of cases (such as divorce, custody, and other family based law issues), you can create ads for each topic and have the different ads appear to only the select demographic.

This really is the only method of marketing that allows you to do this to such a finely tuned degree.

Different Ads for Different Demographics

The problem with most Jacksonville legal marketing ideas is the different legal firms actually end up pushing too much information into a single ad.

They point out everything they might cover and ways they assist clients, but the ad format comes out most in a shotgun spray, where everything is fired off at once in hopes of hitting someone with a piece of information. Back when you had access to only print or television advertisements, you really had to perform ads this way, but it is not necessary any longer.

You want to speak to someone and have the ad be more direct to what a person really wants to hear. This is why you can now create individual ads focusing on each area of law you practice. This helps in several different ways. First, as you are using the different ads with social media and target demographic marketing formats, the ad speaks directly to the person. A person does not want to hear a bunch of information that is not prudent to themselves and hang on only a line or two about the legal format that is essential. You can hook the potential client in by having the full ad specific geared toward them.

Second, you probably assist multiple demographics, and this way you can create different ads for each demographic and increase the chances of them coming to visit you.


One of the newest tools available to Law Firms are infographics.  The human brain processes images nearly 60,000 times faster than text.  By using demographically and service segmented graphics, your ability to reach a larger audience without the excessive media buys is reduced.  Reducing an overall marketing budget by utilizing highly cost effective solutions like the Infographic below can help to reduce you client acquisition cost, thus increase your firms profitability.


Infographic from: The San Francisco Bar Association

Get involved in the conversation below.  How are you using targeted ads and social media to promote your law firm?

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