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How to Make Customer Service Your Next Marketing Campaign
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Customer service and marketing are rarely related parts of a company. Traditionally, they have been separate and handle different parts of customer evolution. Marketing focuses on attracting new customers, and customer service focuses on keeping them.

But what if the two worked more closely together? Let’s talk about how you can use your top-notch customer service as a marketing campaign.

How is customer service marketing?

Customers are gravitating towards companies who treat them well. In fact, for a growing number of customers, how a company treats them is a more important factor than the company’s products. Because of this, every time your company interacts with customers, it impacts their decision to stay with you.

How a customer experiences your brand is massively important and extends beyond the times that they interact with your company directly. Customers will form opinions about your brand based on several factors, including your messaging, recommendations from other people in their lives, and direct contact with your company. And one of the most important things a customer is looking for is how they will be treated.

Knowing how important experience is to your customers, it’s crucial for you to tell them that. Here are some ways that you can use your customer service as a part of your marketing strategy.

Find out what sets you apart – and talk about it

Take a look at your customer service department and find aspects that make your customer service stand out from other brands. Do you have dedicated customer service representatives who handle specific accounts? Is your support available 24/7? Do you have a small team that can offer customized support? Is your customer support team also experts in your product? These are things that you can use in your marketing campaign to set you apart from others in your industry.

A great way to personalize your customer service team is to showcase your employees. You could interview a few star customer service agents and have them tell about times they’ve gone above and beyond for a customer. This technique would work exceptionally well for video content but can work for text copy too. Putting a face and a voice to your company will personalize it for your target audience and show your customers that there are real people to help them. Additionally, showcasing your employees shows how you value people and it makes working with your brand more personal.

Take a look at how Southwest took a specific situation where an employee went above and beyond and showcased it:

Whatever it is that sets you apart, talk about it and use it for marketing content. Show your potential customers why working with you is better than working with your competitors. Be creative in how you showcase your brand’s talents.

Utilize reviews and testimonials

One of the best kinds of marketing is word of mouth. Making sure your customer service delivers exceptional service is just the first step to making sure your customers are satisfied. But you can take it a step further by showcasing customers who were wowed by your service. Consider asking existing customers who had a great experience with your brand to provide a review or testimonial that you can use in your marketing campaign. This shows potential customers what you do for your existing customers.

It also shows your existing customers that you value them and their experience. When your customers know that their experiences are valued, they’re much more likely to stay loyal to your brand. You can get creative with how you use testimonials or customer experience. Of course, showcasing testimonials on your website is excellent, but consider using quotes from happy customers as social media content as well. You could even consider getting customers more involved by asking if you can tag them in your social media posts.

Another aspect of this is to make sure that you respond to positive comments and reviews on social media and Google. Don’t only respond to negative comments. Find the positive ones and thank them for taking the time to share their positive experiences. The idea here is to show customers how much you value their voice. This will encourage your current customers to stay and draw in new customers as they see how you respond to and value your customers.

Create (and share) helpful content

Market yourself as a useful industry expert. Customers will be drawn to you if you show that you’re not only an expert in your field but also that you’re valuable and willing to share your knowledge. Consider having a part of your website that focuses on answering common questions, such as an FAQ section. Having answers to commonly asked questions and making those answers easy to find is a great way to show that you are anticipating your customers’ needs and questions. You can incorporate this content into your marketing campaign by directly sharing your helpful content on social media.

Creating helpful content is an aspect of excellent customer service because it shows that you know what customers need. You’re showing them that you care about their experience and you pay attention to how your customers think and can give them the information they need. Helpful content such as product information, FAQs, or even further industry information that they find useful will demonstrate to your customers that their experience is important. You can even ask your customers what they want to know most about your product or industry on social media and use that as a part of your marketing campaign.

You can do Q&A sections on your website and use social media to get questions from your customers. This is a marketing strategy that shows that you’re listening to your customers and care about them and what they have to say.

Customer service is one of the most important things for consumers. Using your excellent customer service as a marketing campaign is vital if you’re going to attract new customers. There are many ways that you can showcase your customer service in a marketing campaign. The key is to be creative in the way that you demonstrate your brand’s customer service abilities.

Avoid simply saying “We have great customer service” and instead focus on showing your potential customers how you value them and their experiences. When you work customer service into your marketing campaign, you’ll be sure to not only impress new customers but bolster the loyalty and satisfaction of existing customers as well.

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