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Can Outsourcing Your Resort Marketing Save You Money?
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The short answer is yes. In a previous blog we discussed the various benefits of outsourcing your resort marketing. It saves time and gives you more perspective. You get to work with experts therefore you are not stressed to get it right. But did you also know that outsourcing your resort marketing can save you money? And quite a lot at that.

Here are the facts:

  • Let’s be honest: Hiring your own marketing team can get really expensive really quick. To hire a marketing manager, social media coordinator, graphic artist, and a webmaster will cost you on average in the state of Florida around $240,500/annual. This doesn’t include benefits. Now is it just me or does that sound like a good chunk of change? According to the size of your benefits depends on the types of benefits you will offer, but for basic office perks you can spend about $3,120 a year for four employees according to Huffington Post .  
  • Then what’s next? You need extra office space to house these extra people and within that office space extra equipment. So if you hire the four positions listed above that is four more offices, four more desks, four more chairs, four more computers, and four more phones that you need to provide, and let’s not get started on all the software they need! According to , just to add 4 standard cubicles, you will need an additional 144 square feet of space at an average cost of $6,800. However, if you want bigger cubicles or a different quality you will be paying more close to the $14,000 dollar range. This amount is merely for the desk. The cost for technology also needs to be considered. The average cost of a decent desktop computer is about $1000. Times that by 4 you get a cost of $4000 for just computer, not to mention other everyday costs, like printing which according to Inkmart can be about $2,123 for four employees. Now each employee requires various software to do their job, this can be quite costly. For our staff we spend on average $30,000 annually to give you an idea. 
  • Let’s talk vacation. Four more positions equals more vacation time you need to offer. You then have to figure out who will do what when that person is gone. Do you really want your social media coordinator trying to figure out all the webmasters tasks and vice versa? It’s a tricky spot to be in, unless you are able to find that one in a million person that knows how to do everything. This can be problematic. You have to move people around to make sure all the tasks get done, yet you take one employee away from their job to do another job, so things are bound to get behind and out of whack. And as we all know time is money.  
  • You can’t skimp on the education. Unless you want your team to be outdated you need to keep them up with the latest and greatest. So training and education is essential. However this is another cost that you will take on when hiring your own marketing team. According to GMS , keeping up with training and education can cost on average $1,208 per employee. So go ahead and multiply that number by 4. So to keep up with training for your new marketing team you are looking at cost of about $4,832.  
  • Grand total time: If you are a numbers person I’m sure you have already added this up in your head, but for those of who aren’t here you go. The total of the averages presented is about $261,375 a year. The pricing of outsourcing varies, however, the median price is about $2,750/ month. So the on average price of outsourcing your online marketing is around $33,000 a year. That’s a total savings of $228,375 a year. That sounds like saving money to me.

So now that you have had time to have a solid look at these numbers it’s easy to see that it is costly to have an in house marketing team. Outsourcing is the way to go to save money. There are also many other benefits you can check out here: 4 Reasons to Outsource your Resort Marketing . If you are ready to save by outsourcing your marketing, contact us for a  free no obligation consultation .

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