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New Travel Trends That Will Change the Way We Travel in 2017

As a vacation rental manager, you want to know how people travel. How they travel will affect how you reach them and convince them to stay at your vacation rental. See how these trends can be used to your advantage in your efforts to reach more people.

No More Big Brands.

Travelers will rely on reviews to make their decisions. User-generated content will be your friend as you build your online reputation on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. People are leaning towards having more customized experiences, rather than generic experiences. Therefore, making your vacation rental experience unique to each guest will help you reach more people.

Virtual Reality.

Virtual tours will let travelers experience your vacation rental like never before. It will create a more personal experience. They can take a look at their vacation rental and the amenities it offers before making a booking commitment. Live streaming will also be a tool to take advantage of to market your vacation rentals on social platforms.

Out of Comfort Zones.

According to the Huffington Post people will be opting to visit more obscure locations as more and more airlines offer more affordable direct flights. This may be a result of adventure driven millennials being the largest living demographic at the moment. Companies can leverage this by embracing the sharing economy and new technologies, which will attract millennials.

Business+Leisure = Bleisure.

Mixing business with leisure is a new trend. Companies are adding in the option to extend a business trip into a personal leisure trip as an opportunity to immerse themselves into the culture. Also, remote work will become more prominent. Making it easier and more efficient to work away from the office will change the way people work and travel altogether.

Being Your Own Travel Agent.

As we have access to the internet like never before, we have the ability to become our own travel agents. Smartphones have changed the way we travel. Making a reservation has become a breeze. Find where you want to stay, book online, and you’re done. Being mobile friendly is essential since most consumers are using their phones to book. Almost 52% of Americans do all of their travel booking via smartphone.

Not sure how these trends affect your vacation rental or how to use them to your advantage? How you market and promote yourself can make all the difference. Captevrix is a full service inbound marketing agency specializing in the hospitality industry. We can help you find what solutions are right for you and help you use these new trends to your advantage.

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