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3 Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Be Using
a person typing on a laptop with the words 3 tools every digital marketer should be using

There are many tools that digital marketers should use to get more traction from their customers. We have done our research and came up with 3 major digital marketing tools that you should be using as part of your strategy. Let’s take a look at them:

Social Media For Your Marketing Strategy

Price: Social Media accounts are FREE

Having social media is necessary in today’s world. Social media can be used to attract an audience of current and potential customers for your business. It is a great way to build trust and a form of communication. Social media sites offer suggestions for other products and services that may be related to your business. It’s a great digital marketing tool to invite fans and customers to like your page and help jump-start your online following.

Canva For Your Digital Creations

Price: Plans start FREE, $12.95/month for pro

Let’s say that you have a photo but want to add text overlays for your digital marketing campaign. Or you want to edit your photos to be shared across different social media platforms. Canva makes this easy to do and it is FREE for the basic package. You can also find pre-made design templates for almost anything you can think of. Stock photos are available for your use (with purchase if you aren’t using the paid version) or you can upload your own photos to add effects and text. Canva can cut the cost you would spend on a designer and can help you create the exact vision you have in mind. 

Automated E-Mail Responses for Your Business

In order to receive input from your followers and those customers you have you must first start with meaningful conversations and reply in a timely manner. There may be times when you aren’t online or are able to respond to a message quickly and that is okay. As long as your customer is receiving a welcoming message or set an away message to let them know when to expect a response from you. This doesn’t keep your customers feeling lost and unseen. Save time and stay organized to get more out of your conversations.

What is Blitz Software Solutions?

When it comes to all-in-one marketing services, we have a favorite that has just recently come to light: Blitz Software Solutions. We love this system because it is easy to use and everyone can afford it. At just $247/month, plus a set-up fee, BSS has several tools to help grow your business, no matter how small it may be. With this marketing suite you can save time and money by having a digital marketer in your corner at all times.

Some digital marketing tools that you will find to help your business succeed are SMS Marketing, Web Chat, Websites, Blogs, and so much more. From managing content to tracking emails, Blitz Software Solutions is an all-in-one solution that can meet your needs. Schedule a 30 minute demo on our website by clicking here. Spend 30 minutes with the founder of BSS to ask any questions and learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

There’s an easy way to make digital marketing fun and that is by having an all-in-one marketing platform. This platform offers a single login for all your social media accounts as well as other platforms you use for your digital marketing. This way you don’t have to create and remember multiple usernames and passwords for one account. This also makes it easier for you to draft, create, and schedule social media posts for different channels at the same time on one platform. You are also able to create posts and customize them to each social media site. Finally, you are able to keep track of audience engagement and performance of content such as the opening rate and click rate of eblasts and social media posts.

As your business grows, your marketing strategy will change and may become more than you can handle on your own. Let us help you before you get too busy to post on social media and get behind on responding to customers. An all-in-one marketing system can absolutely help your business achieve its goal by also gaining a following and attracting more customers.

Of course, there are more tools out there that would be beneficial for digital marketers to use, but these should be a good start! We are here to help you with any questions that you may have. 

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