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How To Be A Source of Information For Your Guests
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With the millennials changing how we market our properties, some property managers and owners find themselves wondering how to be a wealth of information for their guests.

It’s not as hard as one might think as we provide information for our clients’ guests all day, everyday. No matter if it is in the mountains, city, beach or across the big pond, we’re doing it. To say it can be done is an understatement.

To be a source of information to your guests you have to do a couple of things: blog regularly, provide informational downloads and communicate with them on a regular basis through email and social media. Not too much to do, right?

You know your guests better than anyone, so listen to them. What are their questions, what do they want to know about, what is the latest excitement in your area? Keep a journal of when interesting questions come through your social media channels. During your front desk, or team meetings, have those who answer the phones, online chat or monitor emails report on questions and comments that are made by past and prospective guests. Sometimes team members don’t realize how much they know until they are asked questions.

Here’s a great example of how to be a wealth of information for your guests. You know that you have a prime location for weddings. List the top 10 questions you are asked when you first come into contact with a potential bride. Take those top 10 questions and make an attractive, as well as informative download. Now think of the wedding process at your property. Start a blogging sequence about these series of events. Be sure to talk about these topics in your social media posts. Not all the time, but when appropriate.

You have the basics for continued information which should be part of your inbound marketing campaign , but what about the other information that guests should know about? Example, you are in the mountains and due to weather conditions, some of the roads are closed. Put that out to your social media and keep your audience updated.

Another example: Your property is beachfront and the double red flag is raised. Some of your guests that are either there right now or those that are on their way, may not know what that means. You should tell them and explain the water isn’t closed forever, and then give suggestions of what else they could explore. Perhaps share one of your day trip blogs.

Now that you know how to be a source of information for your guests, what will be your first resourceful message?

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