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What is a Smart CTA?
what is a smart cta?

Call-to-actions (CTA’s) are a tool used within digital marketing platforms to prompt your visitors, leads, and customers to take action. They can be an image or line of text, usually in the form of a clickable link or button encouraging users to “subscribe now!”, “download our template” or any literal call-to-action that aligns with a specific campaign within your marketing strategy.

They are an essential part of the lead generation process and are a great way to collect information about the users visiting and interacting with your digital platforms. And until now, CTA’s have been the same for every visitor that enters your page.

Now, user data is constantly being collected and is transforming the way we utilize call-to-actions. We can pinpoint a visitor’s location, browser language, whether they’re already a customer or a lead, and much, much more. This information can help you craft what is called a Smart CTA. These personalized CTA’s are customized to meet the visitor’s specific needs which lead to higher engagement and ultimately, more sales qualified leads.

Smart CTA’s perform up to 202% better than normal CTA’s!

It’s important to know that Smart CTA’s are different for every business and must be crafted and personalized based on your own visitor data. It is also important that businesses understand the potential benefit of using Smart CTA’s correctly.

Let’s state an example. A web page for your business has a spot ready for a CTA. The Smart CTA can be personalized for each visitor based on their specific data. In this example, you want the CTA to be different based on whether they are a new visitor or a repeat visitor. If it is a brand new visitor, the Smart CTA will be designed and aimed towards collecting more information about them and their position within your buyer’s journey.  If the user is a repeat visitor, the Smart CTA will be aimed at getting them to take action toward becoming a lead.

Smart CTAs have great potential if utilized properly!

When a visitor sees a generic CTA they are less likely to click and interact with it than if it was a Smart CTA that was personalized and crafted just for them at their specific point in the buyer’s journey.  Remember that you are creating this interaction in hopes that the visitor will see it as something valuable and worth clicking on.

Smart CTAs can get as specific or as broad as you would like them to be.  The more tailored and relevant you can get with your Smart CTA, the better. How specific you can get with your Smart CTA depends on the data you collect about your page visitors, what you know about your audience, and what’s possible with the tools you’re using.

This is all made possible from the data collected by your customer management system (CMS). Captevrix uses BSS, a CMS that allows marketing experts to see who is on your site, and other relevant data and information about each unique visitor that can be used to curate specific Smart CTA’s. Successfully utilizing these tools is the next best way that you can upgrade your marketing strategies and optimize engagement on your site!

Tips for an Effective Smart CTA

Smart CTA’s in the form of a button outperform those that are linked through an image. Text-based buttons have shown the most engagement, but it is very easy for a button to go unnoticed if it is not designed properly. The visibility of CTAs are very important and often overlooked. Colors, text size, amount of text, shapes and animated effects all play a huge role in how effective your overall CTA is.

Once you have collected user data and used that to create bold, clear and concise personalized smart CTAs, you will be much more likely to see an increase in engagement throughout your web pages, emails, blogs and anywhere else you utilize CTAs.

If you’d rather turn to the experts to create these for you and handle all of the details, a reputable marketing agency can help to fine-tune your inbound marketing efforts.

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