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What is a Smart CTA?

Call-to-actions (CTA’s) are a tool used within digital marketing platforms to prompt your visitors, leads, and customers to take action. They can be an image or line of text, usually in the form of a clickable link or button encouraging users to “subscribe now!”, “download our template” or any literal call-to-action that aligns with a specific campaign within your marketing strategy. 
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What Makes A Good CTA?

If you are familiar with any kind of marketing then you are familiar with what a CTA (Call To Action) is and the importance of having a good one. However, you also know that creating a good CTA is often easier said than done.
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Integrate Your HubSpot CTAs into WordPress with This Plugin

Using HubSpot CTAs in Wordpress can be less than seamless. HubSpot provides an embed code to be used on external sites, but a user has to copy the CTA code and paste it in whenever they would like that CTA to display. So, we decided to build a custom plugin that made this integration a little smoother.
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