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How To Find The Public Relations Agency That’s Right For You!
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Does your company or business need help with Public Relations (PR) but you have no idea how to pick the agency that’s right for you?  You need to be able to trust a PR agency and have strong communications in order for the relationship to be successful. There are definite things to look for when making the decision and by asking a few questions you can make an informed decision.

Here are some revealing questions to ask when selecting your PR agency:

  1. Do you have experience within our industry? Finding an agency with previous experience in your industry can be helpful and allow them to understand your goals and the best way to reach your audience. Agencies with experience in your industry can give you advice and recommendations to achieve the best results. Whether that be more clients or more views on social media.
  2. How do you measure results? An agency should be able to provide an evaluation of their efforts. Whether it is ROI on sending out a paid press release or potential impressions received from a press conference, a PR agency should provide you with some kind of gauge of success.
  3. How else can you help our organization? Even though you are looking for an agency to assist with your PR efforts it is always important to know what other services they provide. They may have proven success with social media or graphic design, which could be beneficial in the future. Keeping up with today’s social media trends, such as TikTok, Instagram, and even Pinterest, can help your organization by reaching those who use those certain platforms. Opening up to other platforms can reach the younger generation. PR agencies can help see the bigger picture and think outside the box which in return helps your business.
  4. Why should we choose you? This is a great question to ask when making any business decision because you will find out what makes them different. With many agencies out there providing similar services, you need to find out which one has an added benefit that is important to you.
  5. What are your agency’s capabilities? This question is a great starting point and will let you know right away if a PR agency is the right fit for you. There is something to be said about a PR agency that is a one-stop shop that understands your values and can incorporate through your program. One PR agency that can handle your web design, social media, video and graphic design, and media relations can ease your mind knowing you only have to hire one agency to take care of everything you need.
  6. How much of my/our time will be required? The most successful agency partnerships result from teamwork so it is ultimately up to you and the PR agency to get the balance right. You don’t want to babysit the agency you hire but you are trusting them with your brand’s reputation. It’s only right to have some involvement in decisions.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions and any others you may have. Do your research on PR agencies because the commitment is huge and you should want the best agency working for you. You will be working with the people with the agency and you want to be sure that they can help you achieve your goals. By asking these questions, you’ll be able to choose the right PR agency from the beginning. The relationship between a company and their PR team needs to be strong so communication to their audience is cohesive and all messages are consistent.

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