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3 Must-Do’s For Instagram
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It’s a go-to social media platform for so many creative businesses, entrepreneurs, photographers and everyday people. Let’s harness Instagram’s powerful ability to boost your brand, social media performance and visibility. As with all social media marketing Instagram has a set of its own strategies, so here is a basic outline of 3 absolute must-do’s for Instagram to supercharge your business.

Consistency is Key

Keeping your content consistent is sink or swim in matters on Instagram. There are many ways to keep your Instagram consistent. First, we’ll start with getting on a consistent posting schedule. Do note, that businesses who get into a regular groove posting, tend to see better results. Regularly posting will not only lead to better results, but will help increase your visibility. Start with posting three to four times a week and go from there. It’s not a large commitment, so do it. Think about it, are you going to gain credibility or followers on Instagram if you can’t stick to a consistent posting or content schedule?

Next, it’s time to start cranking out consistent content in a cohesive way. What do we mean by this, you say? Crafting a visual style is key! Instagram is visual, it’s fun, so take the opportunity and use this to your benefit. Crafting a consistent visual style is so important for brands-let it represent you in the best way possible. Use your Instagram page to brand your content and posts in your own creative way that is specially, organically and authentically representing your business. This is your chance to create a signature style for your social media presence. Consider social media marketing as a business savvy strategy and commit yourself to consistency.

Engagement Is Everything

If you’re staying consistent on Instagram, your engagement will without a doubt boost. Make sure you’re there to fill in the pieces as your brand begins to grow. Instagram works in a way that your followers are truly fans and if they see something that they like or find intriguing, you can surely consider that they will engage with it. If you want to boost your engagement, then you need to go after it.

When your followers drop a comment, follow up and get the flow of a potential conversation going. Make your followers feel special and don’t let the opportunity pass. Treat people like people, don’t ignore them. You’ll also want to create engaging captions. Don’t be shy! Interact and make new friends. Ask your followers for advice, ask them questions, or simply ask them to fill in the blank. Creating engaging content will boost your engagement, bottom line.

Hashtags are Helpful

We’re in a new social era, where hashtags are the hidden gem to your social media marketing. It’s time to start using hashtags to boost your social media performance! Hashtags are used for searching and investigating. When used effectively, hashtags can deliver a new set of followers directly to your front door, or in this case, your Instagram page. You need to decide what is considered popular for your brand.

Here’s a very helpful tip in choosing hashtags: think of hashtags as keywords. Use industry relevant hashtags. See what hashtags your Instagram Influencers are using and take note if they are fitting for your content. Let’s say you’re a popular local bakery in town and you want to relate your post to a popular hashtag, but you feel like a small fish in a large pond. The city of Jacksonville is the nation’s largest city by area. How can your business at the beaches reach consumers in the downtown area? Simple. #JaxBeach. This hashtag isn’t too broad like #Jacksonville, it’s just right.

Sometimes using a broad or saturated hashtag can get your post lost in the mix of other content. Hashtags have the power to connect your business in a large surrounding area by one single keyword. When choosing your hashtags think about what your potential customers would need to search to find you. You’ll also want to take note and monitor which hashtags are getting you the most interactions. See what works and cross off what doesn’t. Keep a running mobile list on your smartphone or tablet. Hashtags are helpful, use them to your advantage.

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for increasing your brand’s visibility. It has become one of the largest, most lucrative social networks for businesses to use. With a large audience, comes immeasurable opportunity. Plant your feet, start with these Instagram must-dos and get your brand gassed-up.

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