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How to Use Instagram For Vacation Rentals

Instagram for any kind of business can be tricky. However, it is a great platform to grow engagement, increase awareness and drive traffic to your vacation rentals. First you need to understand Instagram’s algorithm. Yes, just like other social media platforms, Instagram has an algorithm that determines how posts rank.
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How to get 100 Followers on Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the top social media platforms. With over 800 million active users monthly, many brands and businesses are creating accounts to reach a wider audience.Using this platform effectively is a great way to connect with your target audience - but it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. How can you grow your audience and better connect with the followers you already have? We’ve collected a few simple tips that you can use to gain 100 followers on Instagram.
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What in the World is an Instagram Pod?

Those who follow social media trends know that the only constant is constant change. From one day to the next, a social media platform will update their terms, or algorithms, or layout... At this point the social media pros are catching on and wasting no time in finding ways around the new rules. For those who want to keep their engagement up and rely on their social media accounts for business or revenue, keeping up with the times is vital.
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