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Tips for Creating the Most Clickable Calls to Action

Calls-to-action are the secret recipe to driving prospects to your offer. That’s why it is so important to make sure your CTAs are effective at capturing visitors attention and influencing them to click. Here are a few ways you can ensure you are creating the most clickable calls-to-actions. Of course, not all CTAs are created equal, but this blog will uncover some tips that can hopefully entice visitors to click your next CTA.

No Obligation Statement

Remove any doubt the visitor might have in their mind. Making sure it is clear that there is no obligation on their end helps reduce any thought of risk. In other words, try statements such as “free trial”, “Request a free consultation” or even “receive your free issue today”. This type of language helps the consumer feel more confident in sharing their information.

Instruct Your Reader

The CTA is your final instruction to your reader. Make sure it is clear what you are asking them to do. Don’t be afraid to be straight forward and ask for a click! Because no matter how creative we try to be, it all boils down to this one simple request. CLICK ME.

Encourage a Prompt Response

Don’t give people the option to wait and overthink it. Command them that this requests their action immediately. An example would be “don’t wait another minute”, or maybe you can create a sense of urgency by offering a discount to those who signup early. There are many active words that help encourage a prompt response such as call, buy, register, subscribe or donate.

CTAs are a very important step to helping generate leads from your site. CTAs might be a trial and error situation for your team. It can take time to determine what kind of language, offer or location works best with your type of clientele. Use these tips above to start creating some clickable calls to action today! 

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