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Why Do People Read Blogs?

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With the constantly developing marketing trends, Google’s incredibly dynamic algorithms, and the changes in how people seek information, you may wonder – do people still search for and read blogs?

How to Blog the Right Way

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At Captevrix we work with a lot of interns that may not understand the basics of blogging. This sparked my idea, as I know that our clients may not understand the anatomy of a blog either –  but they don’t have to, it’s why they have us. I’m going to share with you the current dos and don’ts of blogging. Do keep in mind, the anatomy of any digital marketing platform changes all the time. As of right this moment, this is the right way to blog.

Tools to Take Your Video Blogging to the Next Level

palm trees with the words tools to take your video bloging to the next level

Video blogging and advertisements have become increasingly important in social media marketing. While it’s clearly an important part of any company’s marketing strategy, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Guest Blogging – Yay or Nay?

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Guest blogging. Ever heard of it? It’s often an underutilized tool, but if you figure out how to do it well and create opportunities for yourself it can do a lot of great things for your SEO success, increasing your social reach, and widening your audience.

What’s New With Blogging?

you want to rank for?

Blogging is kind of like a diet- everyone talks about it but no one wants to do it. It’s true unless you’re me; I don’t mind writing blogs especially about what I’m passionate about!!! So let’s talk about what’s the latest blogging techniques.

Be on Your “Millennial” Behavior

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Who runs the world? Millennials. Sorry about it Beyonce, but no one could have predicted the impact this generation was going to have on society, pop-culture, and the consumer behavior as a whole.

5 Tips for Designing a Content Marketing Plan for an Inbound Campaign

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Have you been driving yourself to exhaustion going from writing blogs, keeping up with social media, and developing other content for your vacation rental property? Are you struggling to see results from your efforts? Developing your content marketing campaign will not only help you preserve your sanity when it comes to content creation, it allows you to communicate with and engage prospects more effectively than doing whatever comes to mind when you feel the need to put something out there.

Why You Should Be Blogging for Your Resort

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Blogging. It sounds so easy, but as a resort manager I’m sure you can think of a hundred other things you could be doing besides blogging. However, did you know that blogging can actually help you increase your bookings? It’s a simple idea really, but often not done because of time constraints or because there is a lack of understanding of the true power blogging can have on your resort.

How to Resonate with Millenials

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How to Resonate with Millenials blog.png

How do you market to the young adults that contribute $1.3 trillion in annual spending? How about a handshake? That may seem far-fetched, but there are many ways you can achieve a personal connection on a virtual scale. Reach out to your target on a personal level, as if you’re greeting them in person. Millennials value personable experiences.