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8 Ways to Boost Your Business Marketing for the Rest of 2020

a keyboard with the words 8 ways to best your business's marketing for the rest of 2009

There are 94 days left in 2020, which means there are 94 opportunities to try something new with your small business’s digital marketing strategy. We are strong promoters of Inbound Marketing and have plenty of resources to help you bring in leads with strong, relational content. 2020 has brought unique challenges for almost every industry and we have 10 small business marketing ideas to end this year on a positive note.

5 Customer Service Skills to Develop

a city skyline with the words 5 customer service skills to develop

Customer service exists to meet your customers where they are and problem solve together so that they feel heard and get a solution to whatever their problem may be. However, not every company is excelling in delighting their customers. This blog will outline 5 important customer service skills that your team should have and how to develop them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Calculating ROI

a pink background with black and white text that reads return on investment roi it's a performance

According to Investopedia , ROI, or return on investment, is the ratio between the investment cost in a project over the profit you make from the investment. It is also a performance measure sured to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. If you want to assess the financial health of your budget, looking at an […]

Customer Engagement in 2020

a hand writing customer engagement on a blackboard

2020 has been a unique year. The list of firsts and new things that businesses have had to learn this year is long, but the good news is that 2020 has taught us a lot about the nature of how customers interact with businesses.

Twitter: A Sprint, Not a Marathon

a laptop computer sitting on top of a white desk

Imagine a place online where you could post the latest news your company has to share and answer any and all questions your customers may have.