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What Makes A Good CTA?

If you are familiar with any kind of marketing then you are familiar with what a CTA (Call To Action) is and the importance of having a good one. However, you also know that creating a good CTA is often easier said than done.
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Generation X: The Case of the Overlooked Generation

Marketing to Generation X has been a challenge for marketers. Why is this? Let’s go over a little background on Generation X. Gen Xers are those born between 1965 to 1981. They are called ‘the middle child’ because they are between the Boomers and Millennials. This has caused them to be largely neglected mostly because marketers don’t know how to reach them.
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How To Conquer Your Online Reviews

You’ve heard the stats about the impact online reviews has on a business, but let me state them one more time. 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase and about 80% of these people trust online reviews more than their family and friends. That’s a lot of trust, if you ask me. So, online reviews can have a major impact on your business. The question is where do you start? We are here to help. There is no need to panic. After you read this you will be able to conquer your online reviews like a pro.
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What is Dark Social Media?

Dark Social Media. Dark Social. Dark Traffic. Whatever you choose to call it, the common word remains. Dark. To be in the dark about something means you don’t have all the information, so you are unable to really figure out what is going on. For marketers it is almost an innate need to measure and track everything. Metrics, metrics, metrics. If you can’t track it it how do know it's working? How can you improve? So it's understandable that you are a bit wary of things you can't measure or control. Dark social media, however, isn’t quite as scary as it sounds.
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