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Using Facebook Ads & Boosted Posts To Your Benefit
a cell phone with the text using facebook ads and boosed posts to your benefit

You may have seen Facebook’s recent algorithm change to reduce ads in user’s timelines. Don’t worry, though, because Facebook ads and boosted posts are still a valuable tool to use in order to promote your brand. If anything, the algorithm change means that your ads will be more targeted and might make your advertising dollars stretch farther.

No need to be intimidated by advertising on Facebook – it’s a simple process. You can boost your post or post your ad at the click of a button. Whether you’ve never used Facebook ads or boosted posts before, or you’re looking for a way to fine-tune your current Facebook marketing strategy, here are some tips you can use to make sure you get the best ROI on your Facebook posts.

Define Your Audience

You probably already know who your target audience is, but the power of advertising on Facebook is that you are able to set extremely specific demographic parameters for your ad. When posting your ad or boosting a post, you are able to select multiple factors about your audience such as education, hobbies, location, careers, age, interests, and more. It’s a good idea to take some time to figure out your niche on Facebook before you place your ads.

Get as specific as you can and know that you can adjust those parameters in the future if your ads don’t seem to be landing with the parameters you chose. Facebook also allows you to target only people who have already interacted with your brand. This is a good way to test new marketing strategies and see how much it resonates with an audience that you already have before spending money on to do a bigger ad campaign.

Mix It Up

Facebook ads allow you to select from different types of ad formats. Try different ones to see which one your audience responds to most. Some of the different types include:

  • Video: This one is pretty self explanatory. It allows you to create a video promoting your brand. Often these include a call to action. The dynamic nature of video ads will make your brand pop.
  • Carousel: This is an ad type that has several different products featured in one ad. The products rotate and customers can swipe through the different options. Similar to video ads, the movement here is eye catching and engaging. Each product feature has its own link.
  • Visual: Of course you can always use a visual ad to grab attention. A compelling image ad usually will include text and can contain links to your website or event page.

These are just a few formats you can use to promote your ads on Facebook. The variety of formats available let’s you be creative and authentic with your content. It’s important to mix up the formats you use for your ads to keep your audiences engaged.

Similarly, boost different types of posts. You can boost any kind of post, including events, promotions, videos, and text only posts. Boosting posts and placing ads in various formats will make your brand feel fresh and encourage more engagement from your followers.

Use The Analytics

One of the best reasons to use Facebook for ads and boosting posts is that it comes with built-in analytics. You can track how many people viewed, liked, commented, and shared your posts. This is a valuable tool that can let you learn a lot about the success of particular campaigns and give you valuable insight into your core demographics.

When you select your ad or boost your post, you choose how long the ad or post will be live. You can choose a day or indefinitely. Boosting posts can cost you as little as $1 per day. It’s a good idea to switch out your ads and boosted posts regularly so that they don’t run for too long.

Using the analytics and tools built into your Facebook ads and boosted posts gives you the ability to correct course or replicate successful campaigns. It gives you key insight into how your strategy is performing in real time.

Advertising through Facebook gives you the tools and ability to experiment with your marketing strategy for a relatively low cost. By allowing you to boost posts and place ads targeted to extremely specific audiences, it helps you make sure the right people are seeing your ads. Using Facebook ads and boosted posts is a great way to advertise. And following the above tips will further ensure your success.

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