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Twitter Promote Mode – What Should Your Business Know
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Like all social media platforms, Twitter is looking to add new features that help users and businesses. Twitter Promote Mode, which is still in Beta, was first introduced in November of 2017. But now Twitter is focusing on getting this feature rolled out quicker.

What’s It Like?

You may have recently received an email requesting you to use this new feature but have no idea what it does. If you have ever used Twitter for ads, you are going to love this!

While diving into the new feature, I can’t help but be reminded of ‘boosting’ posts on Facebook. It works in a similar manner, so if you find value in boosting on Facebook, you can ad Twitter Promote Mode to your marketing arsenal.

To explain how this feature works, imagine that every tweet you put out has been boosted. This feature is mobile friendly and truly built for the mobile user. If you are truly leveraging Twitter for you brand, then I am willing to bet you rarely use Twitter on a desktop, which is why they built this feature around their mobile app. In fact, I can honestly say that I look at the desktop version for Twitter less that four times a month. So naturally I am excited about the fact that they focused on being mobile friendly first.

Is There A Cost?

Back to the heart of this feature. For a flat rate of $99 each tweet your post will automatically be “boosted” to increase your reach and help you gain new followers. Your followers should be ideal tweeps as you will set this up in your targeted audience. Once you set up your audience you are good to go! No need to worry about managing your clicks or impressions. There’s really nothing to monitor; however, you still have to review your analytics. Why? This will help you further discover what content your current audience and future audience wants to see and digest. You may find yourself altering your audience based on your findings. No matter what type of marketing, branding or public relations you do, you always have to measure it. Otherwise you are simply leading your brand blindly.

Any Concerns About Promote Mode?

The Captevrix team will be testing this new feature starting July 1st and will have a follow up blog about it. The only thing we are unsure of is if it is possible to pause your promoted tweets by simply turning off promote mode. The blog Twitter released to their users says:

“But if they need to take a break, they can toggle Promote Mode off and pause all promotions. This doesn’t pause their subscription or billing.” We plan to clear this up during our trial run!

My guess is that even though you paused your promotion from your app, you still have to go to billing to stop it. Most companies pause promotions because they need to re-evaluate the cost. I can’t imagine you would want to keep paying $99 if you aren’t tweeting. Your team at Captevrix will be testing this out and get you the answers you are looking for.

Another note to mention is that if you are using Sprout Social for your social automation, it will work just fine. As our clients know, we do not use Sprout Social. We use other platforms like Hubspot and Social Report for our social media marketing. We are excited to see the ROI on this avenue of marketing. Stay tuned for our analysis!

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