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Tips on Vlogging for your Business
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Are you thinking about taking your business to the next level with Vlogging? Maybe you already have started your business vlog, but you are just not sure what to do or how to make it successful. In any case, vlogging is something that you can do that your audience can connect with, and you will reach a more substantial amount of people in the process. Studies have shown that video content is preferred over text content and you will have at least a forty-one percent greater probability of your Vlog getting chosen vs. a blog.

Advantages of Vlogging

There are many advantages to Vlogging, but you do need to do a little research to know who your targeted audience is and what you want to get across to them.

  • Personable and Engaging – Once you know what it is that you want to convey, it does not take much just to be yourself and talk to others, just as you would if you were talking to someone face to face. If your audience can see what it is that you and your business does, the more likely they will want to interact or deal with you. The more that you can show your businesses identity, the more likely you are to have a more significant following, thus increasing your trades possibilities.
  • Video’s Place Higher in Google’s Organic Page Rankings – With more people not wanting, or having the time to read a blog, Vlogging makes it much easier to reach a higher amount of people. YouTube ranks second in searches, after Google and with Vlogging still being relatively new, your business has a chance to be seen at the top of a Google search. It is best to upload your Vlogs to YouTube so you will be able to enhance your ranking, as well as build up your followers.
  • Inexpensive to Produce and Maintain – You do not need to stress yourself with having to go out and purchase expensive equipment. You can get started with something as simple as a cell phone. As far as maintaining your Vlog, all you need to do is to be consistent in posting your Vlogs with things such as product updates, how-to’s, people that work within your company, interviews or testimonies from clients that like your products.
  • Visual Stimulation – With a Vlog, your audience can see you as well as what is going on, which can be great for reaching those that do not have the time to read something, and for those that are visual learners.

Tips for a Better Vlog

Now that you can see some of the advantages of having a Vlog, you need to make sure that you optimize it. Some things to keep in mind are.

  • Length of Your Vlog – When you first start out, it is always a good idea to not have too long of a video. By only keeping it to no more than four minutes you will be able to capture your targeted audience’s attention enough and not make them want to pass up the Vlog because it is too long to watch. It is all about getting people’s attention and keeping it.
  • Know Your Subject – You will want to show others that you know what you are talking about and in turn, they will feel more like they can trust what you are saying. Say you are Vlogging about your Company, for example, make sure that you know everything that you are going to talk about, as well as know any other employees that you will be talking to in your Vlog.
  • Don’t Limit Your Sharing Opportunities – Even though YouTube is the top site to upload to, there are others that you can share on such as Facebook, Vimeo, your website or webpage and even LinkedIn.
  • Enhance Your Vlog Posting Titles to Optimize in Search Engines – Making sure that you get the right word or group of words for your Vlog titles can make a big difference in gaining a following, as well as moving to the top of search pages. Your headline should be persuasive, have relevant keywords and be easy to search.
  • Posting Often – Whether you decide to post your videos daily, weekly or bi-weekly make sure that you stay consistent. You can also let viewers know at the end of your Vlog what you will be talking about next.
  • Be Natural – As stated above, it is easier for your audience to be able to identify with someone that is genuine vs. someone that is fake. Your audience is looking for a human connection, so they can feel and see what you are trying to express. Be yourself and have fun with it, but also remember that you are representing your business, so keep it professional.

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